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image from Mike Exton, 4/4/16:

Donald Trump recently said that if abortions were ILLEGAL, then there should be a penalty for women breaking such a law. And wow! The media frenzy that erupted was absolutely astonishing! Everywhere you looked (TV, radio, internet, newspapers, magazines…) it was all the same: Condemnation! Condemnation! Condemnation! I was shocked! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! And hearing! You mean, that if a woman were to ILLEGALLY dispose of her child, by willfully breaking the law, that there should be NO penalty at all for her doing so? What! Are you kidding me? Then what would be the point of such a law? Oh, I see: the doctor who performed the illegal abortion would be penalized, but the woman would get off scot-free! Really? Absolutely amazing!

Then a few nights later I was watching the Charlie Rose show on TV, and on the show that evening were 5 guests. One of the guests was a very conservative staunch pro-life representative. So Charlie Rose asked her what she thought about Trump’s comment. I immediately thought: “Good, we are finally going to hear from someone who will agree that there should be some kind of penalty for women who willfully and illegally break such a law.” But no! That’s not what she said at all! She went on to regurgitate just about everything that the media had been saying over the last few days. I couldn’t believe it! I almost fell off of my chair! I mean, this was coming from a staunch pro-life advocate! Wow! Utterly amazing!

Then Rose asked her, “Well, why not? If that’s the law, WHY SHOULDN’T THERE BE A PENALTY FOR BREAKING THE LAW? I MEAN, WHY HAVE A LAW IF THERE IS NO PENALTY FOR BREAKING THE LAW?” She then replied, “Oh no, you can’t do that!” He repeated, “Why not?” She replied, “Because the woman having the abortion is the ‘victim.’” And then the other 4 guests on his show quickly chimed in, agreeing with every word that she said.

It was obvious that Charlie Rose was very perplexed by her answer (and that of the other 4 panel members). But instead of courageously pressing the issue, he just timidly gave in and softly responded: “Oh, the woman is the victim…”

What total nonsense! The woman is the victim? The woman is the victim? How about the innocent little baby that savagely had its little life snuffed out of it? Isn’t the dead little baby the victim here?

I’ve always believed that the victim of an abortion was the slaughtered baby. But now I’m learning just how wrong I’ve been all of these years, that the “real” victim here is the woman who kills the baby. Wow, I’m so glad this woman straightened me out. Just think, I may have lived the rest of my life thinking that the poor innocent precious little baby was the victim instead of the murderous perpetrator. Wow, silly me. I think I get it now though. Let’s see if I got this right: When someone is killed, it’s the one who does the killing who is the victim. Oh, that’s easy to understand. I wonder why I never got this before.

Oh, wait a minute! I think I’m having a eureka moment (i.e. aha! moment). Now I see how this all works. When a baby is butchered and its little limbs are torn apart, and then it is barbarically sucked out of its mother’s womb, it’s not the murderer’s fault—it’s the baby’s fault! After all, if the baby hadn’t showed up in the first place, in this poor woman’s body, there would be no need for a messy abortion! Right? Isn’t that the way it “really” is? So blame it all on the baby! It’s dead anyway. It won’t have any guilt trips. But if we put the blame on the poor mother who murdered the baby, just think what that would do to her self-esteem! She might needlessly even feel guilty for murdering her child. And we can’t have that, can we?

I guess it’s just like the ILLEGAL aliens that are in this country. Now, I’m not talking about the legal law-abiding immigrants who wait their turn and legally come to this country each year. No, I’m talking about those who break the law and invade this country by the millions. Here they are, ILLEGALLY living among us, and often, instead of being penalized, they are rewarded with free medical care, free housing, free food, free education, driver’s licenses, etc. I mean, this makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? I mean, you break the law and you get rewarded, you obey the law and you get penalized. I don’t see anything wrong with that, do you? I mean, it makes perfectly good sense, doesn’t it?

And then if you have Donald Trump or someone else speaking up against this ridiculous nonsense, what happens? They are immediately demonized in a firestorm of condemnation. Incredible! Absolutely incredible! Satan is indeed alive and well. And very busy I might add. Not to mention, very effective!

Mike Exton, 4/4/16: