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Donald Trump Don't Hold a Candle to This Figure!

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There seems to be no stopping Donald Trump. He has obliterated  just about all of his politically correct opponents. Much has been said and written about his inability to become the president of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but nothing nor no one has been able to slow his growing popularity with a significant swath of the American people.
His sound bite refrain, 'Let's Make America Great Again' has certainly captivated the minds of many. But the question must be asked, what does he really mean and with whom is it resonating so powerfully?
  Unstoppable Donald Trump

In 2007, housing prices sunk to a catastrophic low and the housing market was about to collapse. But today, it is at an all time high. Prices have risen and the market is robust. At that time, the unemployment rate was 12%. Today is at less than 5%. Who can forget the banking and auto industries that were imploding at a faster rate than the now defunct French Supersonic Transport passenger aircraft. Back then, the stock market was dropping precipitously and the body bags from Iraq were a staple on the daily news.
America is still the world's #1 Superpower. It remains the strongest economy on the planet. Sure we don't have a perfect, problem-free scenario; but America is already great.
The comparison has been made between the Donald and Hitler---same emotional  rhetoric, void of substance or reason. They both preyed on people's fears, prejudices, and insecurities. If Donald makes it to the White House, will he complete the comparison by eliminating those he deems unacceptable? 
Hitler had his pope, Pius XII. Will Jesuit Francis be the Donald's, and what would they accomplish together?  Here's some insight.