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What Have We Learned From Stalin, Mao, Hitler?

Freedom of Speech from the Four Freedoms serie...Freedom of Speech from the Four Freedoms series by Norman Rockwell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lev Navrozov

Support of freedom comes foremost from those who need freedom in order to create or to work independently.

For 40 years, neither I nor my wife had even dreamed about something as crazy as the “first emigration of Soviet people” arranged by “our Soviet state” about 40 years ago.

In the United States, which welcomed us, immigrants from Soviet Russia, my mission was to reveal to mankind (and first of all the English-speaking people) something crucial for their survival, and especially the need to preserve their freedom. Thank God, my wife and I were lucky to have had such profound knowledge of English, something to which both of us had devoted our lives back in Russia.

Freedom of speech as practiced by the English-speaking people allows freedom of expression, except what the court of justice may find slanderous to others. I embarked on my lecture tours of the English-speaking countries, and in particular these United States, delivering my views on the sociology of freedom versus that of slavery.   Read The Story Here