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Limbaugh: I Told You Pope Francis Was a Marxist

image from www.truthrevolt.orgRush Limbaugh spent some time addressing the leaked encyclical from Pope Francis on man-made global warming.

"Look, folks, you know, I hate saying I told you so all the time," said Limbaugh. "But when it needs to be said, I do not shrink from it. ... This guy sounds like a Marxist."

If reports on the leaked papal letter prove to be true, Limbaugh said, it appears that Pope Francis has accepted the left's major premises on climate change. 

"Every other word seems to be about how unfettered capitalism is destroying the world and how the rich countries have to give more money to the poor countries to make amends," Limbaugh said. "I mean, that's -- call it what you want -- Marxism, socialism, what have you. But if this thing is real, then it leaves no doubt here what the political leanings or inclinations of the of the of the pontiff are." 

Here's an excerpt from Limbaugh's "I told you so" moment: