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The Future of Europe

By Bob Barney

WAKEUPWhat does the Bible have to say about Europe. After all, if there is a God, then wouldn’t God know what will happen in the future?  As Isaac Newton once said, the future is merely history that has happened yet. History to God, and our job to discover if God has informed us about it before hand. The Bible says that Europe will rise again in the very end time to become a dominate power in the world. Europe will replace the United States as the greatest superpower, but it will not replace our leadership. Europe will become a demon-posed, evil empire, ruled by an antichrist and under the authority of the Roman Church. America, on the other hand, is destined to become a conquered land, where the fragment of ancient Israelites living here, in captivity - with no freedom or rights. Aliens will rule the land, and we will be a nation in poverty and crime.

When we read the prophecies of Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11 with the historical and prophetic contexts of Revelation 13 , 17 and 18, we read predictions from God that Europe will rise up one last time as a church-state union with significant power, based on future global economic impact.

After World War II, the United States helped to rebuild Europe, and today America continues to provide support and protection. Could the dissipation of the United States as an unequaled, modern superpower pave the way for the rise of a major new superpower?  The Bible says it will happen, and with recent events, maybe sooner than even most of us “in the know” even forecasted a few short years ago.

The time we live in is changing rapidly, but God word does not change. Start reading your Bible and hopefully with some help from the Plain Truth, you too can understand just what is happening, and what will happen…. God wants you to know.