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EXCLUSIVE: Whole Foods chain faces city probe after investigators found ‘worst case of overcharges’

Rip-off on aisle four.

The city has launched a probe of Whole Foods Markets after investigators nabbed the upscale food purveyor for routinely overcharging customers on groceries during dozens of inspections dating back to at least 2010, the Daily News has learned.

The most recent spate of violations came during a sting operation the Department of Consumer Affairs conducted in the fall that specifically checked the accuracy of the weight marked on pre-packaged products.

Inspectors weighed 80 different types of items at Whole Foods’ eight locations in the city that were open at the time. They found every label was inaccurate, with many overcharging consumers, agency spokeswoman Abby Lootens told The News.

Whole Foods spokesman Michael Sinatra said the Texas-based chain "never intentionally used deceptive practices to incorrectly charge customers."

Sinatra said Whole Foods disagrees with the city's findings and is "vigorously defending" itself against the allegations. Sinatra also noted that the store always refunds any items found to have been incorrectly priced.  MORE