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Winston Churchill—The Watchman

America and Britain are in grave danger today because most of our watchmen are blind. Here’s why.

Winston Churchill was a watchman crying in the wilderness.

How could so many of our leaders in the United States and Britain—almost all of them—have been so weak in dealing with Hitler? Why was the British Parliament thinking of disarming as Germany rapidly rearmed?

Across the Atlantic, America was assuming a similarly passive posture. We might have remained that way throughout World War II if Japan hadn’t directly provoked us at Pearl Harbor. As Edward R. Murrow said, “America didn’t enter into the war, they were bombed into it.”

Our leaders lacked the watchman quality of a strong leader like Churchill. He faced reality and spoke the truth in a dangerous world. Most leaders in the U.S. and UK lived in a weak world of illusion.

Martin Gilbert wrote the greatest biography ever of this great leader, Winston S. Churchill. In Volume 5, The Prophet of Truth, he wrote, “Into Europe’s ‘highly complicated and electrical situations,’ Churchill declared, ‘our well-meaning but thoughtless and RECKLESS PACIFISTS expect us to plunge with sweeping gestures,ENCOURAGED BY LONG-DISTANCE HALLOOS FROM THE UNITED STATES’” (emphasis mine throughout).

The U.S. was even more pacifist than Britain.    READ THE STORY