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image from i0.wp.comIn ancient times, the people of Israel often burned incense on places of pagan worship. The Tanakh, or Old Testament, calls these high places. Modern Jews, both in Israel and especially in the Diaspora, also burn (figurative) incense on (figurative) high places. This will do them about as much good as it did the peoples in the days of the Judges and the Kings. Namely, no good at all.

The modern high places

Last week the voters of Israel gave thirty “mandates” to Benjamin Netanyahu and his Likud Party. They also gave more than thirty other mandates to other parties likely to sympathize with Netanyahu. For that reason, President Reuben Rivlin, against his wishes and desires, invited Netanyahu to form a new government.

This did not come without a struggle, before and after the election. In Israel, an outfit calling itself “V15″ (in the Roman alphabet) took money from the United States Department of State, among others, to try to unseat Netanyahu. No joy, of course. Then the leftist newspaper Haaretz intentionally misquoted something Netanyahu said at a rally before the election. Netanyahu said one cannot expect Israel to agree to a “Palestinian” state today. Under the circumstances, the State of Israel would kill itself by so acting.Haaretz mis-edited his words to mean, “I will never see a Palestinian state, so long as my name is Benjamin Netanyahu!” Or words to that effect.

Haaretz and V15, along with Yitzhak Herzog, Tzipi Livni, and their followers, all burn incense at that most common of leftist high places: the “Palestinian peace process.” They believe, and would have their fellow citizens believe, a “peace process” will suddenly bring good results. It has brought nothing but rockets raining down on Sderot, and murders of Israelis in public restaurants, buses, and so on, since the Six-day War! Yair Lapid made that clear in 2002, in his essay, What Does It Mean to Be an Israeli. He published that in the French Jewish site Terre Promise (The Promised Land) In 2001 that site ran the essay again. CNAV translated it into English.

Jews in Israel, burning incense on leftist high places, do harm enough. Diaspora Jews, burning orders of magnitude more incense on even larger high places, bring greater harm.

Mark Levin mentioned this to Sean Hannity. “I don’t care how many donors the Obama campaign has,” he thundered, “who happen to be Jewish!” He went on to say: Obama does not do Israel any favors. Time and events vindicated Levin this week. Obama:

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