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image from cdn.inquisitr.comA Rockland County couple is making headlines for their upcoming anniversary. According to KSDK, the couple will be celebrating their 82nd wedding anniversary this weekend. While martial bliss is always commendable, there’s more — they also have a combined age of 212!


Duranord Veillard’s 108th birthday is this weekend, and his wife, Jeanne, will turn 105 in May of this year. Although it has been reported that Rockland County doesn’t have an actual record of the oldest living couple in the area, the family has reason to believe it’s them.

Duranord was born in 1907 in Haiti and later studied law in Port-au-Prince. He and Jeanne tied the knot in November of 1932. However, when he lost his job as a judge in the late 1960s, Duranord, his wife, and their five children relocated to the United States. After settling in Spring Valley, he worked as a lab technician at the Good Samaritan Hospital, where he later retired from. According to Time magazine, the couple now has 12 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

During a recent interview, the couple along with their son Vely Veillard, spoke with the Journal News. They shared details about the family’s lengthy legacy and the couple’s current condition. Although Duranord is nearly blind and suffers from hearing problems, Vely revealed he’s still rather sharp for his age.

“He remembers everything,” said Vely. “Look at him! He don’t want to use a cane. He’s a superstar.”

Surprisingly, he’s also quite active for his age. Each morning, he starts his day by doing five to seven pushups before breakfast. He’s also highly alert and extremely talkative.

Duranord also revealed his secret to long living. He offered a two-word explanation: “That’s God!”

[Photo: Tania Savayan / The Journal News]

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