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Evidence for Bible's Exodus comes to theaters

A new film examining the archaeological evidence for the Bible’s Exodus event has received such raves from audience members that the one-night-only showing of the film on Jan. 19 has been extended to a second, encore showing on Jan. 29.

“The evidence is so compelling, it’s fantastic!” said one theatergoer highlighted by the producers of “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.”

“This is a must see to drive your faith up a notch,” said another.

“This is a high-level, quality work that is going to stand up to the most rigorous intellectual scrutiny,” said yet a third, “but it’s also a very emotional story that’s going to touch people’s hearts.”

As WND reported, “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” is the culmination of filmmaker Timothy Mahoney’s 12-year search for the truth after scholars in Egypt told him there was “no evidence” for God’s deliverance of the Israelites from slavery, events described in the Bible’s book of Exodus.

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