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EBOLA in America

'She was scared': Doctor describes the moment selfless nurse Nina Pham learned she had Ebola and insists the team followed CDC guidelines

Dr Gary Weinstein (left) worked alongside 26-year-old Nina Pham (right and, inset, in hospital after her diagnosis)to treat Thomas Eric Duncan, who was rushed to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital with Ebola symptoms on September 28. He said his colleague was petrified when she realised she had been infected with the deadly virus, saying: 'She risked her life to care for a patient, and now she was afraid for her life.' But he added: 'I think once she got over the initial fear and concern and was surrounded by her friends and colleagues, that was comforting. She did remarkably well, emotionally.' According to the latest figures, the Ebola death toll has now struck 4,546.

Second Ebola-stricken nurse may have had a WORSE case of the disease than thought when she flew between Dallas and Cleveland

Amber Vinson, 29, was diagnosed with Ebola on Wednesday after helping to treat victim Thomas Eric Duncan at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital.

Dallas hospital where one man died of Ebola and two more contracted the deadly virus has become a 'ghost town' as patients are avoiding facility over safety fears

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas, has become a 'ghost town,' with patients afraid to go in after one man died of Ebola and two nurses contracted the deadly virus.

Is 21 days in isolation enough? New study suggests Ebola patients could still be contagious after three-week quarantine 

Dr Charles Haas, of Drexel University, writes in his recently published research paper there is up to a 12 per cent chance that Ebola incubation could last longer than 21 days.

U.S. soldiers are being flown to Liberia with just FOUR HOURS of hazmat training as Ebola death toll hits 4,546

U.S. soldiers at Fort Campbell and Fort Bragg are given just fours hours' training on how to protect themselves against Ebola before being deployed to Liberia, West Africa.