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MY VIEW: Why has the press begun to doubt Obama

First Published in June 2013

Many pundits say it's because of the AP scandal. I feel there is another reason!

By Bob Barney

Conservatives everywhere are surprised with the sudden actions of the main stream media in response to the Obama Administration. Many feel this is due to the fact that the AP found out they themselves were a target of the Administration wiretapping and spying.  I do not believe that this has anything to do with the change in tone.

Why would reporters from the mainstream media, liberals who have protected Obama through almost every scandal anyone could think of have suddenly started to find every single scandal that could find to bring this president down? What has changed? I think you'll be surprised what I think on this. This crew at CBS, NBC, CNN, NBC along with print journalist have all spent their entire goodwill protecting the Obama administration up until now. This idea that the liberal evil media has had a “come to Jesus moment” and all of a sudden is realizing the truth and wanting people to truly be informed is nonsense! Yes, I beg to disagree with those conservative pundits that are hoping the media has finally woke up!

Something is about to change.

This corrupt media has been hiding the truth of the world’s economy from the public. They have been complicit in not reporting the real facts that we have been in the greatest world wide depression since the 1930’s. They have hid the real conditions that many are facing. They also know that Obama policies have magnified what is going to happen.  I believe that we are close to civil war in this nation and a coming trade and economic WORLD WAR between the economic powers that will eventually end up in a gigantic World War!  What we have seen in Cyprus and Greece is just a shadow of what is coming. The stories that The Plain Truth has been reporting (but that very few media outlets have been reporting), comes from the warnings of the Bible.  It predicts a worldwide crash, economic depression, and a world war- then the revelation of the antichrist. How close are we to that? I don’t know about the end of the world, but I do see that beginnings of the birth pains.

All of this trouble in America with a coming Civil War has all been caused by this administration. I think the press knows that a worldwide crash, an economic depression and a world war are coming. I think the press wants to make sure they are seen on the good side of this ensuing war...the very hard times that they themselves have helped create and cover up. What they are doing now is merely trying to uncover what they have covered up to protect their asses.

This has happened before. After the death of JFK, no president except Obama has ever manipulated the press as good as LBJ. He passed civil rights, Medicare and a bunch of new deal type socialistic programs.  The press loved him. Then came Vietnam.  The press wasn’t really originally against the war, but they saw the protests and the riots and realized America was going to be dragged into a civil war. There was going to be blood in the streets, and the media realized that the masses would turn on them (the media) if they were seen as the “establishment.”  They slit LBJ down the back. They sided with the hippies and the anti-war movement, and fooled the public. That is what they are trying to do right now. Don’t you be fooled!