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Liberal Owe Richard Nixon an Apology

English: Four Presidents: President Ronald Rea...English: Four Presidents: President Ronald Reagan with his three predecessors. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bob Barney

When Bill Clinton wanted advice from a former president, who did he turn to? We know it sure wasn't Jimmy Carter, who Clinton did everything he could do to distance himself from. Hillary "channel" Eleanor Roosevelt, but who did Clinton want advice from? How about George Bush (King George the 1st that is), a person who basically adopted Bill, and even within the Bush family is known as "the black sheep son" on the elder Bush. If you think it was former President George Bush, you would have guessed wrong. Ronald Reagan, perhaps? After all Reagan, like Bill had the only other successful two-term presidency in 40 years. Again, wily ole Bill Clinton did not reach out to Reagan for advice. This could have been because of the advanced state of alzheimer's that Reagan was suffering from by 1993. I think most liberals will be shocked to learn that the man that Bill Clinton looked up to and valued his opinion was the object of liberal ire, Richard M Nixon! Yes, you read that right! Clinton thought Nixon to be an intellect like no other, and was amazed by just how smart Nixon was, even in his advanced years! Clinton received foreign policy advice from Nixon, usually in late-night telephone calls, that he described as "hardheaded and matchless". Nixon told an aide that no other president had ever confided in him so completely. During his visit to the White House residence in 1993, Nixon discussed with the Clinton both the challenges of raising daughters in the White House and passing health care reform.

Here is a story that must have been overlooked....

Nixon In Another Comeback: He Advises Clinton On Russia
Scripps Howard News Service

WASHINGTON - Richard Nixon has a new admirer - Bill Clinton. Like a cat with nine lives, former President Nixon's political resuscitation has undergone yet another twist: as bipartisan dispenser of advice.
After calling Nixon late last Wednesday and talking with him for more than half an hour, President Clinton invited him to the White House last night for cocktails and conversation.
The two men had not met before, but during the 1992 campaign Nixon said privately that he didn't think George Bush could win re-election and praised Clinton's political instincts.
The 46-year-old Democratic president, six weeks in office, wanted to pick the brain of the 80-year-old Republican ex-president, out of office since Aug. 9, 1974, after the coverup of the June 1972 burglary of the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Nixon was pardoned by his successor, Gerald Ford.
Nixon, who recently returned from Russia, has been publicly urging Clinton to substantially increase aid to Russia, calling it the single most important foreign policy issue of the age.
Since polls show little interest in the United States in foreign aid and given Clinton's determination to make the domestic economy his No. 1 priority, Nixon would seem to have an uphill battle.
But Clinton praised Nixon's position in a meeting with mayors last week, saying, "I agree, frankly, with the general thrust" of Nixon's arguments. (End of article)

If this should come as a surprise to liberals, who seem to have an attention span and memory of about 24 hours (the drugs, I guess) it might be noted that Richard Nixon did many "liberal" programs that Democrats claim as their own. Here is another article:

September 8, 2012
Richard Nixon: America’s Greatest Liberal
by Ken Layne

As we continue honoring the birth of Richard Milhouse Nixon, let’s take a look at his liberal credentials.
If you only know “Tricky Dick” for his dictatorial presidency that very nearly ended two centuries of American democracy and first elevated amoral criminals such as Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to the White House, then you’ll surely be surprised by all the stuff we’ve hidden after the jump.
Nixon also distinguished himself by these lefty actions:
* Saved America’s environment by creating the Environmental Protection Agency and Clean Air Act while approving the most sweeping environmental legislation in history. 

* Simultaneously reformed welfare and brought in serious new civil-rights laws and agencies for minorities, women, the handicapped and children. 

* Proclaimed the first official U.S. Earth Day/Earth Week in 1971.

* Totally reformed the government’s relationship with Native Americans, bringing new self-determination and civil rights to U.S. tribes while saving such Indian natural wonders as Pyramid Lake — the tribe even renamed its capital “Nixon.” 

* Was even described as “the Abraham Lincoln of the Indian people.” 
* Loved those Chinese communists. 
* Spent more on social programs than defense! 

* Fathered screaming ex-socialist lunatic Mojo Nixon.
There you go, hippies: Nixon was more liberal than Clinton.

So I ask, what is it about Richard Nixon you liberals don't like? His lying? NOPE, that can't be. You didn't mind Clinton lying, you don't mind Obama lying. In fact, whenever another Obama comes to life, you just proclaim, "all politicians lie." 

Furthermore, Richard Nixon did something else he was never credited for... He literally saved tens of thousands of lives when he ended the Vietnam war in 4years! Barack Obama, loves to blame Afghanistan and Irag on Bush II, but did Richard Nixon ever blame the Vietnam War on Johnson, Kennedy and Truman (the three that brought us this war, which caused us millions of causalities on both sides)? The answer is no. He simply ended the war, and has never been given the credit that he deserves. I will never forget the words of a released POW returning from Vietnam in 1972, getting off the plane in America telling the world, "God Bless America - and God Bless Richard Nixon."   Liberals wouldn’t forgive Nixon for ending the war sooner, but don’t even bother to hold Obama responsible for his war, and YES it is HIS war now, not Bush’s!  Just like Vietnam became Richard Nixon’s war in 1969, Afghanistan and Iraq became Obama’s war in 2009.  The dishonest liberal press, and morons on the left wear rose-colored glasses whenever Obama’s true policies are exposed. You liberals owe Nixon an apology. It seems Clinton agrees with me.

Here is a video, for those who either forgot, or who never learned in our liberally blind school system: