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'If I don't come home, there's so much I mean to tell you...': Heartbreaking last letters of those who didn't make it through D-Day

The heroics of the men who fought valiantly to take Sword, Gold and Juno beaches on D-Day will never be forgotten but the stories of those who died are less well-remembered.

Now letters written by men preparing for D-Day and who didn't make it home are to be brought to life in a poignant documentary made to mark the 70th anniversary of the landings.

Among the accounts to appear on ITV's If I Don't Come Home - Letters from D-Day is the story of Captain Norman Skinner, 38, from Hillingdon in London.

Tragic: Canadian Rifleman Glenn Dickin was shot by the Germans
Heartbreak: Father of two Captain Norman Skinner was killed when a bomb struck his dug out
 Fallen heroes: Rifleman Glenn Dickin, top, was shot while Captain Norman Skinner, bottom, was killed by a bomb 

Ahead of the assault on Normandy beaches, which would help mark the beginning of the end of World War Two, Captain Skinner wrote to his wife of eight years with whom he had two young daughters, Ann and Jane. 


'As you know anything may happen at any moment and I cannot tell when you will receive this,' he noted. 'All the things I intended to say must be written.'

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