Castro the commie hypocrite who lives like a billionaire:
Pope Recognizes 'State of Palestine,' Sets Mideast Peace Summit at Vatican

Rebuilding the Temple from the inside out

First-century Jerusalem

If the Jewish Temple is ever to be rebuilt in Jerusalem, the massive curtain – 66 feet high by 33 feet wide and 2 inches thick – that once hung in the Second Temple and was consumed by fire in A.D. 70, will need to be recreated.

That task is already underway in the Jewish community of Shiloh, located in biblical Samaria about 40 minutes north of Jerusalem, reports Israel Today.

The site of Israel’s Temple may be the most disputed site on earth. WND’ Superstore offers a wealth of information on this amazing place.

For more than two years women from the community have been working to assemble the materials and learn the techniques needed to weave the veil that will hang between, and separate, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies.


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