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Русский: Спас Отпечаток лика Христа на Туринск...Русский: Спас Отпечаток лика Христа на Туринской плащанице (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new study has suggested that the traditional depiction of Jesus on the cross could be wrong.

Scientists in Liverpool have based their findings on the controversial Turin Shroud, the ancient burial cloth of Jesus himself that is said to bear his image.

The stained outline appears to show a man with blood streaming down his arms in a way that, according to researchers, shouldn't be possible if Jesus was crucified in the traditional 'T' shape depicted in Christian art.

Instead, they argue, in order for the blood to have flowed in such a manner Jesus would have had to be crucified in a 'Y' shape with his hands above his head.

This alternative position would have not only been more painful but could have also caused breathing difficulties, resulting in death from asphyxiation.

Given the dubious origins of the shroud itself however these findings have been met with a considerable degree of skepticism.

Source: Christian Post

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