Jerome Corsi: LBJ approved of JFK assassination
JFK - How good of a shot was Oswald

Would the world have been a better place if John Kennedy had lived?

The New Statesman's Kennedy hagiography is pure conjecture

We're fast approaching the 50th anniversary of the tragic Kennedy assassination, and the cult of JFK is already in full swing. The New Statesman is running a cover story asking what might've happened if Lee Harvey Oswald had changed his mind – and the answer seems to be "world peace by 1965". Of course, we're debating hypotheticals here but – hypothetically speaking – the New Statesman is talking nonsense. Kennedy was a significant president but far from a great one.

The full article isn't available at time of writing but, according to the press release, historians James G Blight and janet M Lang make the following claims – followed by my fisking:

Vietnam: JFK would have continued to resist a US war in Vietnam. Even though the Saigon government, weak and corrupt, was destined for the dustbin of history, he would have resisted those calling on him to send US combat troops to Vietnam. He might have ended all military involvement. We believe that would have been his ultimate objective.


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