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Hint: Think of city dweller Lot's views on things (like giving virgin daughters to rapists) versus Abrahams view on things, and this Rabbi is pretty darn close to The Plain Truth!

Rabbi Daniel Lapin of the American Alliance of Jews and Christians filled in on The Glenn Beck Program Friday to explain why he believes cities tend to vote Democrat, and rural areas Republican – and what it all means for the country.

After showing a county-based map of election results, which is more indicative of rural vs. urban areas than a state-based map, Lapin asked three questions:

1) Why are cities so much more liberal than the rest of the country?

2) Do cities attract citizens with socialistic leanings, or do they tend to convert people who live in them from conservative to left-leaning liberals?

3) What can be done to change this?

Rabbi Daniel Lapin Explains Why Cities Are More Liberal Than Rural Areas

Rabbi Lapin guest hosts The Glenn Beck Program on TheBlaze TV. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

In answering the first two questions, Lapin asked: “Where are people in closer contact with their neighbors — rurally, or in an apartment in Manhattan?”

Overwhelmingly the audience noted that it’s rurally, despite the fact that the houses and living spaces are much further apart.

“One of the things the city does, paradoxically, though there’s so many of us packed into a smaller space, we have less communication with our fellow citizens,” Lapin said. “When we have less communication with other citizens, automatically you replace that with more communication with institutions…Government becomes more of your communication center.”

The second reason cities tend to lean left, Lapin said, is because in a city you “lose touch with reality.”

“Conservatism is linked to reality,” he asserted. “It is based in how the world really works. Liberalism is based on how the world would be if we could wish it was something else.”

Whereas in a rural area you are connected to how the world works at its most basic level — from the phase of the moon to how food gets on the table — in a city, your “reality” becomes your monthly water bill, whether the elevator is working, and the “artificially structured” institutions around you, Lapin said.

More than that, in a city you become accustomed to relying not on yourself or your neighbors, but on the “city systems.” Who cleans the sidewalk? Who provides clean water? Who gets you from point A to point B?

“Everything is taken care of,” Lapin said, “so much so that you relinquish your independence with things like transport and security.”

“When you’re detached from reality, you’re instinctively pre-primed to move towards liberalism, that’s what happens,” Lapin asserted. “…In a city you don’t have self-reliance; you don’t have freedom; you don’t have independence.  All the things that are the cornerstones, you just don’t have anymore.”

Watch more from the show, HERE

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