For Amish, life is changing
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Amish enjoy unexpected boom in numbers

Amish Buggy RideAmish Buggy Ride- Paint is Tamco Paint Brand! (Photo credit: puliarf)

Practitioners of one of America’s fastest-growing and dynamic religious communities still get to Sunday services by horse and buggy.

The country’s famously technology-shunning “Old Orders” Amish may appear vulnerable in an age of iPads and instant global communication, but a comprehensive survey suggests that the nation’s Amish religious communities are in fact thriving, with a settlement founded every month on average in dozens of states across the country.

A combination of traditionally high birthrates and falling defection rates among adults — more than 4 in 5 people raised in Amish homes now opt to stay within the community — has led demographers to predict that the number of Amish communities in the United States will double over the next 40 years.

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