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Forward by Bob Barney: It'll be interesting if we ever learn what happened. There is not a week that goes by that I don't see people being handcuffed on the highways. Two Friday's ago, I saw 4 people being handcuffed at 4 different times on 64, 264 and 664 - all black men ranging from teens to 50's.

Every week, I report in The Plain Truth of police shootings, and people being arrested for just taking pictures with their cameras. I guess that has now becoming against the law too. I reported this week that NY State is passing a law that it will be a FELONY to "annoy a cop"- whatever that means.

Maybe this case is black and white,I don't know any of the facts..... Then again, maybe he was a part of a group of people that our government no longer will tolerate.

I wonder if anyone is starting to wonder just who controls our lives anymore?

John Settlemyre won 6 races in NASCAR's second tier
Jun. 08, 2013 @ 07:46 AM

image from api.ning.comFolks interviewed in the neighborhood that was the scene of a gunbattle Thursday morning that left one man dead said they knew little about the man or his wife, who they said kept to themselves.

But John Settlemyre, 67, who died in the shootout with Caldwell County sheriff's deputies, was a former race car driver with some notable regional achievements to his name.

Settlemyre was a five-time winner of Late Model Sportsman races at Hickory Motor Speedway, from 1977-81. In 1982, that race series became NASCAR's Nationwide Series, and Settlemyre won the Winston 200 at Hickory; he ran just six Nationwide races that year (five at Hickory) but had four top-10 finishes.

One neighbor said Settlemyre more recently had been a long-haul trucker but had since retired.

As much as an enigma as Settlemyre may have been to his neighbors before, he will remain in their memories now. The sounds of the gunbattle that erupted Thursday morning in that neighborhood off Grace Chapel Road has left those who were within earshot wondering how the quiet residential area turned into the scene of a firefight.

Jack Baird, manager of the nearby Lake Valley Convenience Store and an avid hunter, was outside when he heard two rounds from what he guessed was a high-caliber pistol go off, followed by a barrage of gunfire.

“The rounds kept popping off,” Baird said. “There was a lot of yelling and screaming going on down there.”

Deputies had come to John and Linda Settlemyre's house at 5490 Northwood Drive in response to a report of some kind of trouble. They spoke to Linda Settlemyre. Her husband was barricaded in the basement. At some point as deputies approached the rear of the house they heard loud noises from the basement. Deputies tried to make contact, but John Settlemyre came out with guns, and there was a shootout between him and the deputies. He then ran and collapsed in the backyard, where he died.

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