Court officer 'fondles' woman, arrested her for complaining to judge - as judge does nothing
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'Everybody was watching': Outrage after Florida woman driven to tears by cop who ordered her to 'shake out' bra during traffic stop (VIDEO)

The Lakeland Police Dept. has come under fire after a cop looking for drugs made a woman shake out her bra after pulling her over for a broken headlight. The humiliating incident was recorded by the officer's dashboard camera. This is just another in a long line of police molesting women. Here is the link to an outrageous case where a Cop fondles a women in COURT!

Zoe Brugger was horrified, and broke down in tears (on dashcam video), after a police officer determined to find drugs on her forced her to lift her shirt and shake out bra (not once, but twice), only to find nothing.

Zoe Brugger was ordered to shake out her bra to check for drugs during a routine traffic stop in Lakeland, Fla., last month.

State authorities in Florida are calling for an investigation after a cop was shown on dash cam footage forcing a woman to shake out her bra during a routine traffic stop.

The Lakeland police officer, Dustin Fetz, wanted to see if motorist Zoe Brugger had any drugs on her when he ordered her to lift her shirt and yank on her bra during the May 21 stop, local ABC News reported.

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