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Heather Callaghan
Activist Post

A creepy omen has taken place in Illinois. Health department agents speaking at the department's Dairy Work Group meeting at the IL Corn Growers Association saw a vacuum in raw milk regulations. Uh oh, got to fill that void and tack on regulatory fines!

Did you know there's a Food, Drugs and Dairies division of their Department of Public Health? It really does sound like dairy is being lumped into drug regulations. Molly Lamb, division head, told Pantagraph:
[T]he department is seeking to put rules in place because right now there are none.
Here's how it goes. In Illinois, from-the-farm sales of unpasteurized milk are legal...for now. All other sales and interstate sales are not. Recently, at least a few dozen people gathered to speak to the IL Department of Public Health in Bloomington to peacefully protest the proposed regulations. They held signs that said "Don't criminalize me" and "Save family farms." The added regulations would burden the small farms - they say it will threaten their livelihood - and inhibit access from people who love raw milk and appreciate its nutritional benefits and humane treatment of cows, including lack of hormones and antibiotics.

How many conflicts can you find in these proposed rules:

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