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History Channel's Miniseries: Passover

image from images.christianpost.comI come home from work at 10:00pm, and I microwave some leftovers for dinner. As soon as I turn to the table, the bowl falls out of my hand and directly onto the floor where it shatters into four or five large pieces. Fortunately, there were only two shards, so it was easy to clean up. Thus, I write without my dinner.

Between commercials during each episode, I have commented about the series on Facebook. Afterward, I use my comments as notes or an outline for my blog post. Each blog post is written after days of consideration. Originally, I wanted to make it immediate, but life issues delayed it until Thursday. Then, I realized it was much better to just wait.

The Pharisees claim to uphold a strict and ridged adherence to the Law, but they tend to break the Law when it serves their own self-interests. Even though the Pharisees have convicted Jesus of blasphemy, Caiaphas remains troubled about what to do with Him. The law is clear: stone him. However, he does not want to stone Jesus for fear of His supporters rioting. Pilate has the authority and power to kill Jesus; if the people protest and riot, they would be massacred. If Pilate kills Him, it would absolve him of guilt in eyes of the people. Furthermore, the people would be too terrified of a massacre to protest, so there would still be peace.

Caiaphas goes to Pilate and informs him of a dangerous criminal threatening Rome and Judaea. Pilate considers this the High Priest's problem and states bluntly, "then kill Him."

Caiaphas: it would make us impure for Passover.

Pilate: then kill Him after Passover.  Read More>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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