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Live by the drone, Die by the drone

By Bob Barney

image from www.3ders.orgEveryone is familiar of the passage in the Bible. Jesus told Peter to put away his sword, when Jesus was being arrested, and Peter drew his sword to protect him from arrest. He swiped off the ear of one of the guards. Jesus shouted, “Put away your sword, for those who live by the sword, will die by the sword.” This verse has been often misused by anti-gun groups to demonstrate that Jesus would be against gun ownership. Actually nothing could be further from the truth. They have never read in another passage where Jesus tells his disciples to arm themselves, after he goes away!

The gun debate is not what this article is about. I think that too many of us are not aware of the controversy over drones. While writing this, Senator Rand Paul is leading a filibuster against Obama's CIA nominee because of Attorney General Eric Holders contention that drones can be used to kill Americans – ON AMERICAN SOIL – without due process of law! As alarming as this position is, what is even more alarming is the notion that all of these government leaders are not looking into the future far enough to realize that they may be opening a bottomless pit of locust upon themselves!

First, a little background. Of the many theories about President John F Kennedy's assassination, one that many feel the most probable was that Castro was behind the plot. Why Castro? Well, it seems that our government, under the direction of JFK, using both the CIA and the mafia tried to kill Castro many times! He also was behind the murder of the president of South Vietnam just months before he himself was killed. It turned out that the communist countries learned from us that if we were willing to assassinate their leaders, then they felt free do do the same to ours. JFK may have been ultimately killed by his own policies that backfired.

Now to the present day. America is using drones to kill enemies everywhere, and by doing so, women and children have been killed, along with some Americans citizens. Could others decide to use these same weapons against our own leaders? I think so. And here is my prediction:

Within ten years, drones are going to be as available as I-Pads. Everyone is going to be able to buy them. Most are going to be as small as the palm of your hand. Check this website: I think you may be surprised. I was.

I can imagine very soon that drones will be as readily available as AR-15's... Maybe even more so! These small, insect like drones will be able to track people without being detected, and yes, KILL people! Here is my scenario: The president goes out to play a round of golf, and zap – he's dead! That is the ugly future that I see coming very soon.

Our leaders should learn that their actions will come back on their own heads... Just an FYI from The Plain Truth.

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