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image from cmsimg.indystar.comLucas Oil produces and markets 350 oil and lubrication products in 26 countries. It has headquarters in California and a plant in Corydon, Ind.

As for racing, Lucas Oil sponsors more than 700 race teams, drivers and events. It owns television network MAVTV.

The company started humbly, founded in 1989 by Lucas, who grew up in Southern Indiana and was a long-haul trucker at the time.

He started alone, selling items out of the back of one of those trucks.

Today, he has more than 400 employees. While the private company doesn't reveal its sales or profit, it has been reported Lucas Oil revenues are $150 million annually.

The company uses its involvement in motor racing to research, market and develop its products while generating sales through major retail automotive chains, truck stops and independent speed shops throughout the country.

Lucas hosted a luncheon Friday to let more than 300 visitors to the international motorsports show know he is committed to the industry.

Before that luncheon he talked about his empire.

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