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94-Year-Old Woman Takes Car In For Oil Change, Leaves With $800 Bill

Helen Turner, a self-sufficient 94-year-old from Farmington, brought her 2004 Subaru Impreza and $100 to the local Midas for a quick oil change in early October.

She left with a bill for $800 and a warning that she should return to have the Impreza's fluids changed for an additional $400. The cost, and additional repairs, were so unexpected that Turner says another customer gave her a ride home to retrieve her checkbook to pay for them.

"I only had $100 because I only wanted an oil change," she says.

Aside from the $26.99 oil change, Midas charged $297.24 to replace four spark plugs ($63.13 each in labor costs) and $398.02 ($263.03 for labor) to replace the valve cover gasket. The extra repairs, minus a $50 discount coupon for the repairs, cost $725.25.


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