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By Bob Barney:

Former Britain Prime Minister Tony Blair stressed the need for a democratically elected European Union president, with increased authorities to solve Europe's economic crisis during a keynote speech in Berlin, Germany last month. To those who understand the Bible and the identity of the beast of Revelation, Blair's comments are quite startling.  

“In a move interpreted by some as a job application, the former prime minister said the EU could do with a strong leader approved by the people,” The Telegraph reported. Little do most understand the significance of this statement in that a 'strong man' will appear in Europe, and lead the western world into a huge world war which will kill more than 2 billion people! Yes, fully 1/3 of the world's population are killed in the final war when the EU beast invades the Muslim areas along the Euphrates River.  

“‘Out of this European crisis can come the opportunity finally to achieve a model of European integration that is sustainable,’ said Mr. Blair. ‘A Europe-wide election for the the most direct way to involve the public.’” 

 This president will become the demonic leader of the Holy Roman Empire, known as the King of the North in Daniel 11. Click Here for a complete essay on what to look for.  

Mr. Blair also called on the United Kingdom to consider its position on the European power coalition. 

The Guardian reported, “In one of his most important speeches on the EU since leaving office, he told the Council for the Future of Europe in Berlin: ‘It is massively in Britain’s interest not to play short-term politics with this issue. Personally, I would like to see the UK take a constructive role in shaping this new union.’” 

Blair went on with these eye-opening comments concerning a militaristic EU: “The world needs a Europe that is capable of deploying military missions to help stabilize the situation in crisis areas. We need to launch a comprehensive review of European capabilities and begin truly collective defense planning…A deep and genuine economic and monetary union, a political union, with a coherent foreign and defense policy, means ultimately that the present European Union must evolve.” 

In an article by The Christian Science Monitor titled “Europe needs a central government to manage its debt crisis,” former Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka also stated that the EU needed a central leader. That is what European leaders also stated in the 1930s just before Hitler winningly filled this role. Will another Hitler type come to power? Your Bible says YES, and I would not bet against God and His Word.  

The world is going to go into a great depression, similar to the one in the 1930s, where 25% of the population throughout the world will die off from wars, famines and diseases. If this doesn't scare the hell out of you, then I don't know what will.  

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