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Jeff Fitchett
Activist Post

When sifting through all the issues that we face as a civilization we can easily become overwhelmed with a sense of futility. How can one person positively impact their own situation and effect change on a much larger scale? We are at a tipping point right now in our history where we are being forced to change whether we like it or not. We do, however, have some say in how we change. Our political, corporate, food, health, environmental and social structures are degrading rapidly before our very eyes.

Our personal actions keep these social structures intact. The most important thing we can all do is to think critically, independently and become aware. Think about what you are being told and challenge the premise. Realize that the media is a business. Their job is to make money. They make money from advertisers and subscriptions from people like you and I. They are selling you a point of view, a lifestyle, a brand, a political view, etc. Dig deep and question the information. Our education system solidifies our future life path. We as parents, mentors and leaders must take back control of how we think and break the predetermined path that our younger people and future generations of people will take going forward. We need to lead by example and stop waiting for the government to fix our problems. The government is part of the problem and they are bought and paid for by corporate interests.

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