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First published a year ago!!!!!

By: Bob Barney

I find it amazing how our media, president, and elected officials deem that the leader of Egypt must step down from authority because some 100,000 people (yes that's the real figure) marched in the streets demanding this.  I also noted an interview on CNN with a spokesman for the demonstrators claiming that a million would have shown up to march "the Egypt hadn't closed the airport." That was a direct quote. The obvious next question should have been, "just who is marching?" This Doesn't sound like Egyptians to me, people living in such a small country don't need to fly into its airport! A quick camel trip would do. Instead I smell the same ole demon at the helm of this latest national toppling effort. George Soros, who boasted that he overthrew Greece a few years back is definitely behind this movement, as anyone watching the professionally printed posters on TV could tell. Real demonstrations, like that of the tea party, display HOMEMADE signs, planned leftist gatherings always have pre-printed ones.


The obvious question should be that since the tea party drew millions, with probably tens of millions in the countryside, when can we expect Obama to step down?  I think a much higher percentage of Americans are against Obama, than Egyptians, who marched in Cairo! So I ask that world leaders everywhere, along with CNN, FOX and MSNBC demand "change" in America and demand Obama to step down immediately and not wait for the 2012 elections. After all, what is right is right.  The irony of all of this is that this will not happen---UNLESS, of course the marchers in America where leftist and Muslims demanding a president to step down. Then the world and at least CNN and MSNBC would agree with the crowds and call for a new president- after all aren't they the ones that finally dethroned Nixon? I remember leftist hippies marching back in those days, and being taken seriously, but I don't remember Americans demanding Nixon resign, or that he was charged with any crime- yet this same media we have today, toppled a president elected by a landslide! And you think you live in a real world filled with honest leaders.


Just my short view of The Plain Truth of the farce that is going on in Egypt in which you are being told is a democratic movement underway!

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