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The Middle East: Focus of End-Time Prophecy

We often see the Middle East catapulted to the forefront of news programs around the world. Even faraway nations are deeply affected by what happens in this volatile region. You need to understand what has been prophesied to occur there and why. 

The Middle East: Focus of End-Time Prophecy
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The bloody civil war in Syria and the threat of war between Iran and Israel have rightfully heightened awareness of the fragility of peace in our world, and in particular the Middle East. Events in this historic land are destined to affect the lives of everyone on earth.

Before World War I (1914-1918) the Middle East was dominated by the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which enforced a level of peace throughout the region. This vast conglomerate included territories of the modern states of Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Israel. At one time this empire presided over extensive lands in both North Africa and Southeast Europe.

The Turkish Empire might have continued were it not for World War I. Early on it wasn't clear which side the Ottomans would support. Both the British and the Germans sought the Sultan's support. But ultimately he decided to back Germany, a fatal decision that led to the birth of many new nations—and seemingly wars without end.

Let's look at the astounding historical and end-time story of this crucial region, laid out millennia ago in the Bible. In projecting forward through these end-time events, we'll see the crescendo building toward the time of Armageddon.

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