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The Hypocrisy of the Right

Commentary By Bob Barney:

The hypocrisy of the so-called conservative right over this latest Obamacare fiasco just cannot continue with some sort of realistic commentary. Before I go into the Plain Truth about this particular issue that has the entire country in a fuss, I want to say that Obamacare and any such mandate is unconstitutional, and I agree with those fighting against the implementation of this fascist farce and sincerely hope that the Supreme Court will do their job and strike the entire deal out. That being said that down right ignorance of the right, or worse yet, the possible misrepresentation of this contraception issue in the light of their support of the Patriot Act 10 years ago just cannot stand with someone ranting to heaven over the lying and misrepresentation taking place.



Issue one. If a church had a belief that surgery of any kind was against God's will and refused to allow any of their employees working in their schools from having an insurance which covered surgery, would any of these right-winged pundits be arguing against the government mandating against that belief? Am I not right? Sean Hannity would not be defending those “kooks” who would not allow modern medicine to their non-believing members, would he? Be honest with yourselves. If contraception is a religious matter, so too is the religious view that no surgery can be performed. Our laws can only be concerned what is legal, constitutionally and not what is right or wrong religiously. I believe abortion is murder. This is NOT a religious view any more than my belief that killing your ten year old child should be outlawed because it morally wrong. Murder is not a religious matter, it is a state secular issue! So to is contraception and abortion.


We as a society must hold life sacred and rule when life begins. If it is a medical fact that life begins at conception, and the majority are in agreement, then abortion should be illegal on the grounds of murder and not what some Pope, or holy Joe thinks about it. If contraception is not killing a life in a secular view, then our Constitution requires that the government stay out of the issue. In this country religion plays no part of the regulation of the law. Yes, Christ is coming back here someday as king, and He will rule as a king (He won't be “elected”) but our nation does not allow any religion to have preeminence over any other. In fact, I do not even believe tax exemptions for any religion is legal! All churches should pay the taxes of anyone else. Not to get off the point, because it really doesn't matter much because there should be no income taxes or property taxes of any kind (that is for a different day).


Here is my beef. The Patriot Act, started by President Bush and supported by almost every Republican at the time is more of an outrage against your and my freedom than anything Obamacare can do to you! When they allowed the illegal Act (which in no way is patriotic) to become the law of the land, you lost rights you don't even realize you had. Are you aware that the FBI can right out by hand their own search warrant without a judge? And after they give you that search warrant, you cannot tell anybody about it, not even your lawyer! Did you know that? Are you aware that you can be held for the rest of your life without ever being charged? That the FBI can hold you for 99 or more and never let you talk to a lawyer! Are you aware that this act allows you to be killed without due process of law? And you conservatives are worried about who is going to pay for a birth control pill that is going to be taken anyway? Get real, and get your priorities straight. This entire episode being played out is just another, in a long line of attempts to take away your freedom!


It is about time that Americans start to use the brains that God gave them and start asking questions of everyone. I know few trust me, yet I have have given you more truth today than almost anyone you are listening too. Start asking questions. Have you proven global warming? How about lead paint causing birth defects? Evolution, the idea that oil is a fossil fuel, or that God of the Bible is just a fairytale?