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Japan and the Genesis Flood

Posted by R.L. David Jolly

It’s the middle of the afternoon and everyone is going about their business as usual.  The farmers are in their fields tending to their fields and shepherds are tending their flocks and herds.  Children are looking forward to the end of the school day.  Moms are home getting ready for their kids to come home from school and thinking about what to prepare for the evening meal. 

All at once the ground begins to vibrate.  A few seconds later it the vibration turns into violent shaking up and down and back and forth.  A deafening roar emanates from the earth beneath them.  The land around them looks as if it has wave after wave rolling across it.  Standing is impossible and people fall to the ground where they are tossed about like pebbles.  Everything in the houses falls to the ground and then the houses themselves begin to crack and crumble.  Read More>>