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Warren Buffet Is a Walking Contradiction

Commentary from HillBuzz.com

Warren Buffet is at it again, saying rich people like himself should be paying “a lot more” in taxes. This man is a walking contradiction.

Actually, let me expand that: Any rich person who supports higher taxation but also donates to charity is nothing more than a walking contradiction.


By supporting higher taxation, a rich person is (presumably) saying “I have enough money, and the government should tax me more because they can do more good with my money than I can.”

Alright, that’s a valid argument. Not necessarily a correct argument, but certainly a valid one.

Yet these same people invariably donate to private charities. Warren, for example, is donating something like 99% of his massive fortune to charity — a noble endeavor by any account.

But wait! The government has accepted gifts to the general fund since 1843.

So riddle me this Warren… if the government was so worthy of your money and so much better at spending it than you are, why are you donating to private charity instead of donating to the government?

Logic is a real pain, isn’t it?