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Follow biblical principles, build wealth

Book cover - Building Wealth: Priorities and Practices - by Steve McCutcheonSteve McCutcheon, president and chief investment officer of SCM Associates, Inc., penned the book, Building Wealth: Priorities and Practices to not only share about securing financial independence, but also to teach readers to understand that God has rewards for those who abide by biblical principles.


"I call it a book of inspiration and instruction," McCutcheon notes. "I outline in the first part of the book what the Bible says about money, particularly prosperity and the right way to approach building wealth according to the scriptures. In the second part, I talk about building wealth by investing in common stocks."

And when it comes to those "common stocks," the author says it is important to do the homework and learn about investments because not every company operates by Christian standards.

Steve McCutcheon"Most people really don't know the companies that are in mutual funds...annuities or some third-person-type of investment that they use," he points out. "You want to invest in the quality companies that have good financials, have good growth prospects, have good products, have good management and have a higher return on equity."

He adds that there is also the matter of knowing the difference between greed and wanting to make money.

"The difference between the greed principle and the individual who is seeking God is the spiritual aspect. We have to get right before him and identify what his principles are and how he wants us to operate within the realm of the spiritual," the author contends. "I spent an entire chapter on stewardship. You get yourself right whenever you make a large, sacrificial gift on the front end. Those kinds of things begin to work in us spiritually, [and] we don't even recognize ourselves after we go through these steps."

Finally, McCutcheon recommends asking God for a vision of what he wants from his children financially and for him to reveal how to bring it about.

These comments were made recently on American Family Radio's Today's Issues program.