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How Cannibalism Became Communion

Cain thought he was the "Lord " since Eve exclaimed "I have gotten a man, a lord" (Gen.4:4). The name Cain came to mean "cohen" or "priest." Cain developed his own religion after being cut off from God. He thought he was the Savior. He created a priesthood. Since the name "CANNIBAL" (Cahna Baal) is a word which means "Baal Priest" and may be derived from the name "TUBAL-CAIN," some have concluded that Tubal-Cain was a descendant of this priesthood of Cain and that the religion of Cain had to do with CONSUMING of HUMAN FLESH -- mostly LITTLE CHILDREN. When Tubal-Cain's sister/wife Naamah married Noah, this Baal religion came through the flood. How else would Naamah learn about the false religion unless her brother was a priest of Cain? She came to be known as Naamah Isis, or NEMISIS, because she betrayed Noah by getting him drunk. She is the original prototype of the harlot of Revelation sitting on Babylon holding a cup of wine for the world to get drunk. She founded the Babylonian Mystery Religion with Ham's help. Their grandson was Nimrod. "Nimrod, as the representative of the devouring fire to which human victims, and especially CHILDREN, were offered in SACRIFICE, was regarded as the great CHILD-DEVOURER ... he was, of course the actual father of all the Babylonian gods; and, therefore, in that character he was afterwards universally regarded. As the father of the gods, he was called Kronos" (Lemp. Clas. Dict., Art. "Saturn") The literal meaning of BONFIRE is "BONE FIRE" [M.E. bonefyre, bone fire, later funeral pyre] because such a ritual fire came from the SACRIFICE of HUMANS. In this context, the fiery VOLCANO may also derive its name from TUBAL-CAIN.

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