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Tiny $9,000 car gets an astounding 74mpg

Tiny $9,000 car gets an 
astounding 74mpg

Leave it to a Formula One race car engineer to create a car that's so cleverly designed it delivers 74 miles per gallon in a package that costs a mere $9,000. Barely big enough for one person, the T.25 is manufactured with a highly efficient process called iStream, lowering costs and simplifying repairs.

How small is it? Formula One designer Gordon Murray's tiny car weighs a mere 1,200 pounds. It has a customizable interior with enough room for two (small) people to squeeze in behind the driver, who sits front and center. Murray is also designing the T.27, an electric version with a 100-mile range, but it will be a bit more expensive at $18,000.

Weighing in at only 550 kilograms (1,200 pounds), the T.25 is an easily maneuverable car that was developed with Formula One technology, materials, and philosophy, which makes the vehicle parts easy to replace in case of an accident. Also, the side mirrors are placed within the overall width of the carmaking it more difficult to lose them, and the fuel caps are on both sides of the vehicle for convenience. The sale price for a T.25 is set at $9,000.

In addition to the T.25, Murray has also developed two other new concepts: the T.27 and iStream. The T.27 is the T.25's electric relative with a range of 80-100 miles and has a price tag of $18,000. Currently, this is the only information available on this model.

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