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Editor's note:  The Plain Truth readers understand who the peoples of Britain are in Bible prophecy as well as the identity of most of Europe and America.  Click here for our article on this important subject. In short, God has warned that both the USA and England will be destroyed and our peoples captured by "the aliens living with us and ruling over us." This is going to happen, God says so! Here is an article by Dick Morris saying the same thing (yet he doesn't know that God has predicted it.)

Usa The United Kingdom, the mother of all democracies, is about to change its political system in fundamental ways – changes which will spell disaster for the nation and for its politics. For those who love Britain, the news of these impending alterations can only cause angst and distress.

As a result of the inability of either the Conservatives or Labor to win a majority in Parliament in the recent elections, both parties had to bid for support from the Liberal/Social Democratic Party. The price the Conservatives ultimately paid was to agree to some of these changes and to refer others to the electorate for a referendum.

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