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In God We Trust...right?

In God We Trust

Congress is being asked to go on record and show support for the national motto.

 Virginia Congressman Randy Forbes (R) has introduced H.Con.Res.274 to gain support for "In God We Trust." The American Family Association has issued an action alert, showing its support for the motion that calls for federal buildings, school facilities and other public places to display and affirm the national motto.

Congressman Forbes notes that about 78 percent of Americans believe in God, "and yet we have a small handful of anti-faith people who want to stop you and I from being able to talk like that, [to] try to stop our children from saying it at school, our business people in their business [and] our military in the military."

Randy ForbesHe believes this is the right time for Americans to stand up for their faith.

"Every generation of Americans, since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, has had to fight to make sure we kept the principles of that great document, that our rights came from God himself," he points out. "In every one of those struggles, the great strength we had was our faith."

He thinks it is time to stop allowing groups representing atheists and agnostics limit everyone's free speech rights. "What the anti-faith people want to do is cut off access to the marketplace of ideas in America for people of faith and religion," Forbes suggests.

The congressman concludes that for the sake of believers' faith, it is crucial that non-believers fail in this effort.