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Sister Site's RaceRap.Com Nascar Truck in Winning Form-Wins Again! UPDATED


Mark Johnson, driver of the RaceRap sponsored Race Truck continues winning ways at TRI-COUNTY

Many of our Plain Truth readers have found this site, from our much older (and successful) sister site called the largest local oriented racing website in the world as well as the 9th largest NASCAR ranking racing website.  RaceRap's stats are very impressive, with over 150,000 per month UNIQUE viewers hitting the site some 8 million times a month.  Much of The Plain Truth's early success came from our banners and links from RaceRap, which is celebrating its 11th year anniversary this Month. RaceRap originally started as a Langley Speedway oriented discussion board, but rapidly grew into a giant local racing oriented news and information destination for thousands.  Literally, the only place in the world to know who won almost INSTANTLY at dozens of NASCAR and non NASCAR tracks can only be found on RaceRap's LIVE UPDATES, where reporters cover lap by lap racing action on Friday and Saturday nights.

In the past few years, RaceRap has expanded from its southeast roots, to cover local racing action in the northeast, as well as the mid-Atlantic regions.

RaceRap for years was owned by Tamco Paint, our family owned automotive paint company. Tamco manufactures automotive,fleet and OEM finishes sold in the Americas as well as six nations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  Tamco developed the revolutionary "paint pen," that can be seen on many infomercials around the world. The pen allows inexperienced car owners to actually remove scratches from their car or boat's painted surfaces. The revolutionary product fills the scratch with an special polymer resin, which matches the factory paint perfectly and sells for a fraction of the cost of going to a body shop. To date, about a million pens a month are being sold worldwide, with about 13 million being used by car owners.

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Mark Johnson racing, competes at the various NASCAR WEEKLY racing tracks in North Carolina, including the very famous,HICKORY MOTOR SPEEDWAY-- a track that some of the most famous NASCAR drivers in history started their careers including Dale Earnhardt Sr.  Hickory Speedway has been prominent in many racing movies as well. After this story was posted Friday, Mark returned to Tri County Speedway and won again! This time, however, NASCAR made him pull his heads to make sure that his truck was legal. It was, and $300.00 poorer, Johnson took the win and the $500.00 prize winnings home.  "We had a really good race," said Johnson in an interview with us yesterday, "I worked hard for this win!"

When asked about his thoughts on the tear down, Mark replied, "they have to make sure you aren't cheating, but I couldn't figure out why they did this last night when we barely won! They just cost me a bunch of money. But I accept that."