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Could A Massive Solar Storm Permanently Change Life As We Know It In An Instant?


Is there a reason why the world is being hit with so many plagues lately?  Could someone be trying to tell us something?  In case you haven't noticed, some of the recent plagues around the globe have been rather "Biblical" in nature.  No, it isn't the end of the world as we know it just yet, but there has been a rash of really bizarre plagues all over the world in recent days.  There have been reports of massive outbreaks of frogs, locusts and rats.  Famine and drought are threatening tens of millions of people.  Unprecedented flooding has been devastating communities all over the globe, and the startling increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity have many people wondering exactly what in the world is going on.  Are these things happening because we are getting closer to 2012?  Could God be behind all of these plagues?  Is there some other explanation?  Well, what can't be denied is that things are starting to get really, really weird out there lately.

Of course most people are focused on the massive disaster in the Gulf of Mexico right now.  The fact that all the oil in the Gulf is turning the waters there red is drawing a lot of attention.  But that is not the only really strange plague that is happening in the world right now.... 

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