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Germany the Likely Leader to Economic Stability in Europe

Another story concerning the future of Germany on NewsMax.com is worthy to read. The Plain Truth is predicting a total world-wide economic collapse, which ultimately will herald in a New World Order in Europe! The EU will go away and be replaced by a revival of the Holy Roman Empire, led by a MONSTER in Germany, in cooperation with the Vatican in Italy. Think of WWII times 100! This is what God claims will be the end time beast government that will try to rule the world. They will be at war with the Muslim states, and by this time, England and America will have become under the total control of this European Antichrist beast government.

Here is the story on NewsMax:

By: Richard Rahn

For the past 200 years, much of the fate of Europe has been determined near Brussels. That is equally true at the moment as the leaders of Europe meet in what slowly is becoming the capital city of Europe to make decisions that well may determine whether the euro and even the European Union will continue to exist.

As every schoolchild knows, Napoleon was finally defeated two centuries ago at the battle of Waterloo — close enough to Brussels to be considered a suburb. And the great battles of World War I were fought largely within hour or so's drive from Brussels, to the west.

But there's another battle being fought in Europe right now — the battle between the economic realists and the reality deniers.

Most of the eurozone countries are on an unsustainable spending path in that government spending is or will be growing at a faster rate than gross domestic product (GDP), and as a result, government debt is growing as a percentage of GDP.Read the rest,click here