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The Reality of Restored Papal Authority

 By Michael Burkert 

Returning to Europe after three and a half-year’s absence has been a most eye opening experience!  Things have changed in old Europe and most people in the United States and Canada have no idea what those changes are!  Our partisan news media has been so focused on advancing the current Administration’s agenda that they’ve turned a blind eye at what’s going on just across the Atlantic.


If you browse the Internet, it’s most difficult to find any information on pope Benedict XVI other than articles of adulation and approval.  The news media is either afraid to report what the pope is up to, don’t understand the significance of his activities, or they don’t care.


I wrote in 2005, “Joseph Ratzinger, also known as pope Benedict XVI may not live long enough to be the “pope of popes,” but he may well set the stage for the one who will ascend to that status.  Continue to keep your eyes on Europe.  The last chapter of European history is being written now.”


Ratzinger has already lived long enough that he has made a lasting impression on the Roman Catholic governing structure, known as the Curia.  Benedict has done far more than warm the throne of the papacy!  During the past four years, he has replaced nearly all of the liberal Cardinals in Rome.  He has systematically handpicked those ultra-conservative Catholic clerics in his efforts to reestablish Europe as a Roman Catholic continent.  Those efforts are ongoing and in motion now. 


He continues to root out homosexuals, pedophile priests and bishops, quietly firing them and in some cases allowing them to retire.  His emphasis in removing such individuals has not so far been extended to North America.  Benedict considers pedophile and homosexual priests in North America to be a North American problem!  Don’t expect any Vatican sponsored “bailouts” for U.S. and Canadian Catholic Churches in settling any of the multimillion dollar lawsuits currently pending in various courts. 


He has already begun to impose his iron will on the governments of Europe!  In 2007, Ratzinger summoned Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi to the Vatican.  The Pope told Prime Minister Prodi, in no uncertain terms, that the proposed “homosexual union” bill or civil union bill would not be allowed to pass!  Prodi obeyed his pope and the civil union law never came about.


The pope has also instructed Catholic lawmakers to vote Catholic.  Ratzinger is inserting himself and his will into politics and lawmakers are on notice of how he expects them to vote on hot button issues such as homosexual, and ISLAMIC issues as well.


Bishop Thomas Tobin in Providence, Rhode Island has barred Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) from receiving communion, due to Kennedy’s support for such Liberal issues as abortion and homosexual marriage. There is no doubt that the Vatican approved this sanction taken against Mr. Kennedy, as he is a high-profile individual and son of the late Edward (Ted) Kennedy (D-MA).


Since assuming his papal duties, Ratzinger has reinstituted The Tridentine Mass, a Latin language service that had been in disuse for many years, the pope once again asserted his core belief, “that unless one holds the Catholic faith, there is no salvation.”


Christians and Jews alike cringe at The Tridentine Mass because it openly declares that Jews and non-Catholics are lost to the damnation of hell fire!  The service asks God to “lift the veil from their eyes so that the Jews might be delivered from darkness, and converted to Catholicism.”

Many Christian clerics have subsequently opined that the pope is sending a signal to all, including anti-Semites.  The Catholic Church remains anti-Semitic as it always has been.  The same holds true, regarding the pope’s attitude toward Muslims.  He has no use for them either.


In November 2008, the pope made it clear to European Union lawmakers that he wants Sunday recognized as an official day of rest.  If you were not already aware of this, Sunday is also noted on European calendars as the SEVENTH DAY OF THE WEEK.


The union of church and state is on track in Europe.  While some EU member nations are not predominately Catholic, the Bible clearly tells us that the final rendition of the Holy Roman Empire, will consist of only 10 member nations or kingdoms.  Although Germany is currently about 50-50 Catholic-Lutheran, that could change, literally overnight.  Pope Benedict is making strong movement toward gathering in the “daughters of Catholicism.”  Don’t be surprised if the Lutheran Church is reunited with its Catholic “mother,” in the near future.


It was not by accident that Joseph Ratzinger chose the name “Benedict” for use in his papacy.  Many years ago, St. Benedict was declared the “Patron Saint of Europe.”  Ratzinger thinks of himself in that light, being there to strengthen Europe and particularly the European Union. He has no illusions that Muslim Turkey is a European nation, or that it has any business as a member of the European Union.He has no illusions that Muslim Turkey is a European nation, or that it has any business as a member of the European Union.

The last pope named “Benedict” reigned over Catholicism during the First World War.  This was a trying time for the church and although pope Benedict XV had little influence over the warring factions, one significant result stands out as a result of that conflict.  The Office of Information Security, or the “Vatican Intelligence Service,” was created to protect Catholic properties and interests from both sides in the war.  It’s more active today than ever.  The Vatican has an intelligence gathering organization that is on par with, or is more effective than our own CIA or the current German Bundes Nachrichten Dienst, or BND.  Information is power and the Vatican has a lot of information at its disposal!


Oh the other hand, don’t think for a minute that Josef Ratzinger has forgotten the United States and the Roman church in our country.  While essentially placing the blame on the American Catholic Church for the pedophile priest problems the church continues to face, Ratzinger has ramped up efforts to strengthen the church in America.  The recent Manhattan Declaration, signed by a multitude of Christian organizations, including the American Catholic Church, is a prime example of the pope’s activism. Without his tacit approval, no Catholic official would have signed the declaration which places the U.S. Government on notice that CATHOLICS AND PROTESTANTS BOTH, WILL PERPETRATE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE if laws are enacted which result in the forced compromise of Christian values, beliefs and traditions.


The Manhattan Declaration is a historic point in Christian cooperation in the United States.  Signing on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church was the Archbishop of Washington DC, Donald Wuerl, a candidate for elevation to the rank of Cardinal.  Wuerl, an arch conservative, is a personal friend of pope Benedict and was hand selected for the position he now holds.  Additionally, the Archbishop of Philadelphia, Justin Regali also signed the document, on behalf of American Catholics.


The significance of Christian clergymen from nearly all walks of American Christendom cannot be understated!  At no time in our history, have so many denominations of Christian churches and organizations come together and found common ground of this magnitude.  Is it another indication of an eventual reunion of the “Mother Church” and her daughters?


Basically, the Manhattan Declaration, which so many have agreed to, states the following:

“We will not comply with any edict that purports to compel our institutions to participate in abortions, embryo-destructive research, assisted suicide and euthanasia or any other anti-life act; nor will we bend to any rule purporting to force us to bless immoral sexual partnerships, treat them as marriage or the equivalent or refrain from proclaiming the truth, as we know it, about morality and immorality and marriage and the family.”


It sounds as though the Obama Administration and the Democrat controlled Congress has been put on notice, that they can expect open resistance to continued Liberal initiatives that would as an example, make it a “hate crime” to preach biblical principles that coincide with God’s Law.  Only time will tell if the Manhattan Declaration leads to a reunification of many Christian denominations.  There is little doubt as to this very issue being on the mind of Josef Ratzinger as well as many in the hierarchy of the Roman church.  In the meantime, watch the EU and the continued influence the Roman church will exercise in the governance of Europe.  Sunday, as a day of rest for all in Europe will likely be the next major influence that the Vatican imposes on Europe.  Look for other influences as well to soon dominate European politics.


The papacy of Josef Ratzinger or pope Benedict XVI may prove to be even more significant than that of his predecessor, John Paul II.  While he may not be the pope of popes, his legacy will be that of the pontiff who restored papal authority in Europe. 


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