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What Is Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein?

Forward: As a a kid, my father was the foreman of the Nestle plant in New Milford Ct. and I am very familiar with HPP  Hydrolyzed Plant Protein; a product that Nestle's had a monopoly on for years. Basically every single "processed" food you ever bought had this in it. It was a poison! If a raccoon got some of it in the dumpster, it wouldn't make it 10 feet before it would drop dead and die! The MSDS sheet on this product is much worse than any paint that I make, and I don't sell our paint as a food additive!  Nestle's secretly sold this part of their business out several years ago because they probably knew what was coming. They sold out their employees as well! What's new.  Now take some time and read about the horrors of this food additive that is in everything you consume!