Maryland resident Shirley Allan holds a sign during an anti-war rally in Washington, D.C., Saturday.
This is what ObamaCare will look like!

Christen him, "Sir Hopenchange".

Our knight has come to save us all.

He began as a simple huckster shaking down government agencies and scamming public funding under the ambiguous title of community organizer.

But his ability to talk good caught the media by their collective heart and it was love at first sound bite. They took control of building an image for him as the man who will reform our country into a quasi socialist nation and change the world in the process.
(heard this before?)

Finally, his transformation is complete. He has ascended to a glorious high that no one could have predicted 18 months ago. In the minds of the media, he is indeed the Messiah sent from the heavens to deliver  4 the world into a new era of something wonderful that will be better than everything else that wasn't as wonderful even though it could have been but wasn't.

So, here we are

on Inauguration Day! Whoddahthunkit?

We are trusting the future, or at least the next four years to a cult figure who brings with him a questionable background, no executive experience and a very liberal congress controlled in both houses by people of questionable motives, morals and ethics.