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Does New GM "Goodwrench" logo have a familiar look?


By: Bob Barney

from an original idea by Sean Miller

While watching TV yesterday, my son-in-law Sean Miller and I were amazed to see the GM had changed their “Goodwrench” symbol. “Mr Goodwrench,” has been a marketing campaign for several decades now that advances the idea that GM customers should go to GM dealers for their automobile repairs, rather to the local service station. For years, the renowned and tragically killed racer, Dale Earnhardt had “Goodwrench” as his major sponsor, and probably did more for the trademark than any other person. I remarked that it looked stupid and ugly. Sean, saw something even more sinister in the new logo, and after rewinding the DVR and watching it for a minute or two again, I agreed with him. The national media have been mentioning that the powers that be at GM have been looking into a new corporate logo. Some reports have that logo appearing “greener,” whatever that means.

Gmold1 Reports from the AP and other sources of back in July stated that, “People briefed on itsGM plans  say the company is looking into changing the background color of its corporate logo from blue(on the left) to green(right photo) in an effort to show consumers that it is leaner and greener, more focused on fuel efficiency and better able to make quick decisions.”

“Ed Welburn, GM's vice president of design, is leading a group that is studying name and logo changes, but no recommendation has been made, according to one of the people. Changing the background of the familiar square blue-and-white GM logo has been discussed, said the people, who requested anonymity because no decision has been reached.”

Ater bankruptcy, and a very unpopular government bailout, one might wonder why GM wanted to change anything to do with their logo, but the bosses that be at GM might have a higher authority to look up to than just the American masses. One of the proposed logos would make the emblem have a green background. (see photo on right).

Chevy also may change their old Chevy logo for a new “greener” one as well. See photos below.




OLD LOGO versus the Proposed New "Greenier" Logo  

So now comes the point of this story. GM has already changed their Goodwrench logo, and the new look is probably more telling than anything else that the company has done to demonstrate just who runs this company. Does this new logo seem familiar to you? To my son-in- law, Sean Miller, it looks a heckuva lot like this logo here:New goodwrenchlogo

Goodwrench THE NEW MR GOODWRENCH LOGO!  What do you say?


Oh, this was the OLD "Mr. Goodwrench Logo:  Oldgoodwrench 

G.M. to Close Hummer After Sale Fails

DETROIT — General Motors said on Wednesday that it would shut down Hummer, the brand of big sport utility vehicles that became synonymous with the term gas guzzler, after a deal to sell it to a Chinese manufacturer fell apart.

Paul Sakuma/Associated Press

A Hummer dealership in Burlingame, Calif.

Enlarge This Image

Tim Boyle/Bloomberg News

A Hummer H3 on display.

The buyer, Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines, said in a statement that it had withdrawn its bid because it was unable to receive approval from the Chinese government, which was trying to put a new emphasis on limiting China’s dependence on imported oil and protecting the environment.

Tight financial markets also hurt the deal. When the commerce ministry did not bless the transaction, the well-capitalized Chinese banks became reluctant to lend money to Tengzhong, even though it tried to set up an overseas subsidiary to buy Hummer. That left Tengzhong trying to borrow money from Western banks that have been curtailing their lending even to established borrowers, much less a little-known company from western China.

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NHRA: Racing Community Suffers Tragedy

Sandra MacWatters by Correspondent Written on February 22, 2010
CONCORD, NC - SEPTEMBER 19: Antron Brown, driver of the 
Matco Tools top fuel dragster prepares to drive during qualifying for 
the NHRA Carolinas Nationals on September 19, 2009 at Zmax Dragway in 
Concord, North Carolina. (Photo by Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images) Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images
Antron Brown launched his top fuel car in the first round of eliminations at Firebird Raceway in Phoenix when one of the massive rear tires broke off.  Brown's dragster made a radical turn toward the wall, flipped over and burst into flames in the violent crash.

The wheel went airborne for nearly an eighth mile and bounced off a fence hitting an unidentified woman that was sitting at a picnic table.  Tragically she was pronounced dead at a hospital in Chandler after being air lifted out.

The safety safari of NHRA quickly extracted a badly shaken Brown from the burning wreckage and he was taken to a nearby hospital and was said to be physically all right. It was a freak accident and certainly tragic. 

Safety is always a huge concern and the people in the drag racing community will work on a way to better secure the tire to the vehicle. Antron Brown's demolished dragster was covered with a tarp and physically carried by team members into the hauler.

NHRA issued a statement of condolence to the family of the deceased woman. Racing is a close community whether it be NASCAR, NHRA or any other series.  It is a spectacular sport and spectacular events unfold when you have high powered cars racing at high speeds.

NASCAR has had it's share of tragic events on track with the death of drivers, but also with odd incidents of cars going airborne and crashing against the catch fence.  Unfortunately fans have been badly injured in some of these instances. When we go to these racing venues we are aware of the dangers, but it is in the back of our minds.  Just as drivers know how quickly things can turn really bad, they cannot dwell on the danger.

Collectively our hearts go out to the family and friends of the woman that lost her life while sitting at a picnic table during the drag race eliminations.  We feel sadness for Schumacher Racing who owns Brown's top fuel car and ofcourse for Antron Brown who must be quite distraught.

Race fans love racing and horrific accidents will not deter them from attending events.  Each racing series is highly cognizant of driver and fan safety.  From every serious injury or death that is in any way racing related, new and better procedures evolve.

Alexander Haig Dies at age 85


Always the misunderstood hero and patriot, a student of MacArthur (where he probably learned his showmanship) and a disciple of Henry Kissinger, Al Haig died today at age 85. Haig, who was a clerk for General MacArthur, a Viet Nam war hero and the man who made sure that Richard Nixon would not try to usurp executive powers during Watergate, is probably best known and misunderstood for his role during the Reagan assassination attempt in 1981. When Reagan was shot and unconscious in the hospital, then Vice President Bush was in Texas and could not be reached. This was the height of the cold war, when the Russians may see a distracted United States as an easy target. In fact, I believe that if Haig had not made his famous "I'm in charge, here" speech to the press, coupled with Secertary of Defense Caspar Weinberger's decision to put our military on high alert (which the Soviets knew had happened), that the Russians would have attempted some sort of attack somewhere in the world, most likely Poland.  Haig's statement was to tell the Russians, try something, and I am willing to make a military decision. The Russians feared Haig's military style.  The ironic aspect of this entire scenario is that Haig probably averted a major conflict, and went to his grave being ridiculed for it, by his distractor who never had the foresight to understand the cold war in the first place. In his book, "Caveat," Haig later wrote that he had been "guilty of a poor choice of words and optimistic if I had imagined I would be forgiven the imprecision out of respect for the tragedy of the occasion."

Haig, who became a four-star general and served as a top adviser to three presidents and had presidential ambitions of his own, died Saturday of complications from an infection, his family said. Haig's long and decorated military career launched the Washington career for which he is better known, including top posts in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations. He never lived down his televised response to the 1981 assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan.

Haig died at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where he was surrounded by his family, according to two of his children, Alexander and Barbara. A hospital spokesman, Gary Stephenson, said Haig died at about 1:30 a.m. 

Born Dec. 2, 1924, in the Philadelphia suburb of Bala Cynwyd, Alexander Meigs Haig spent his boyhood days dreaming about a career in the military. With the help of an uncle who had congressional contacts, he secured an appointment to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1943.  After seeing combat in Korea and Vietnam, Haig - an Army colonel at the time - was tapped by Henry Kissinger to be his military adviser on the National Security Council under Nixon. Haig "soon became indispensable," Kissinger later said of his protege. Nixon promoted Haig in 1972 from a two-star general to a four-star rank, passing over 240 high-ranking officers with greater seniority. During the Watergate scandal, Nixon appointed Haig to replace H.R. Haldeman as White House chief of staff.

After Watergate, for years, many thought he was "Deep Throat" to Woodward and Bernstein, famous for breaking the scandal for the Washington Post, but it turned out that he was not. In my opinion, there never was a Deep Throat, although Woodward named a person, after his death.

 When Reagan won the presidency in 1980, Haig returned to public service as the secretary of state, and declared himself the "vicar of American foreign policy." He  lasted for only 17 months-- leaving office because of turf wars with other top administration officials - including Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and national security adviser William Clark. In his book, Haig said he had concluded during a 1982 trip to Europe with the president that the "effort to write my character out of the script was under way with a vengeance." He resigned days later.

He ran for president in 1980, but dropped out of the race early. On the campaign trail, he told supporters about his desire to "keep the Reagan revolution alive," but he also railed against the administration's bulging federal deficit - calling it an embarrassment to the GOP.He turned out to be right!

Haig is survived by his wife of 60 years, Patricia; his children Alexander, Brian and Barbara; eight grandchildren; and his brother, the Rev. Francis R. Haig.


The Washington Post was used for some source material

Susan Jacks looks to family for a new kidney

Jacks2 Bill Pesklevits lent his name to his sister Susan Jacks for her hit singlJacksage22e, the Poppy Family's Which Way You Goin' Billy...This morning at St. Paul's Hospital he's giving  her something even more precious: one of his kidneys.

Susan Jacks has kidney failure.

It can take years to find a donor, and the 61-year-old was preparing to go on dialysis. But family members are often suitable for a kidney transplant, and her doctors suggested she ask around her large family (she has six brothers and a sister) to see if they'd mind being tested. Bill turned out to be a good match and is in fine physical shape. So the 52-year-old agreed to give up one of his kidneys.   more>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Do you remember this song???

Netanyahu: Ezekiel 37 fulfilled (The Plain Truth-No it has not been!)

Bob Barney:

      Jan MarkJan Markellell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, and a leader of a Messianic Jewish ministry is pleased that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently proclaimed the fulfillment of the prophecy in Ezekiel, Chapter 37 when speaking on the recent 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz in Poland.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaimed the fulfillment of the prophet Ezekiel's vision of the valley of dry bones.Netanyahu said, "Armed with the Jewish spirit, the justice of man, and the vision of the prophets, we sprouted new branches and grew deep roots. Dry bones became covered with flesh, a spirit filled them, and they lived and stood on their own feet."

  Markell, was happy hearing Netanyahu's comments which helps debunk the idea that modern Israel is just a secular country with no connection to ancient biblical prophecy.  "There is a degree of spirituality in Israel, recently with this Benjamin Netanyahu saying that Ezekiel 37 is now fulfilled," she notes. "So I'm encouraged when the top leader in the nation of Israel comes out and stands up for the Bible. This is absolutely tremendously good news."

Markell adds that now that Ezekiel 37 has been fulfilled, chapters 38 and 39 are expected to follow.

"The Ezekiel 38, 39 scenario - that's the Gog and Magog invasion of Israel, where they, being Russia, Iran and some other nations, descend on her to seize her wealth," the Olive Tree Ministries founder mentions.

The problem with the Prime Minister's and Markell's understanding about Biblical prophecy is that they are total ignorant on who the Biblical Israel is.

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Want to live to 94? Kill somebody and get the death penalty!

The oldest inmate on death row in the U.S. has died of natural causes at the age of 94.

Viva Leroy Nash was said to be deaf, nearly blind and suffering from dementia when he died Friday at a state prison in Arizona. He spent most of his life behind bars for murdering two people, robbery and assorted other crimes.

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Senator Brown: VP comments 'insulting'

Sen. Scott Brown thinks Vice President Joe Biden was “off base” when he suggested Sunday that the Massachusetts Republican get his facts straight on the legal procedures for military tribunals.

“It was insulting,” said Brown, who frequently jabbed the administration during his Senate campaign for giving suspected terrorists legal representation.

On CBS's “Face the Nation” last weekend, Biden shot back that he doesn’t “know whether the new senator from Massachusetts understands: When you get tried in a military tribunal, you get a lawyer, too.”


Sarah Palin Mania takes over Daytona

DAYTONA BEACH – Palin-mania easily surpassed Danica-mania at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday.

While Patrick got all the headlines for the better part of two weeks, she had no stake in the Daytona 500. Palin did, and as a VIP guest for the race, she ate up all the attention.

When she arrived for the drivers meeting, Palin was immediately mobbed. She briefly chatted with Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, shook hands with supporters and smiled big.

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The woman who was passed over by the Noble committee for Al Gore!

Bob Barney-We are re-running this story because you must WAKE UP! This woman was passed over by the Noble Peace Committee in favor of AL GORE, the crook that is trying to rob your hard earned dollars in a global warming tax scheme hoax! Now Donald Trump has asked the Committee to remove his prize! We say, give it to the rightful person--Irena Sendler! 

The Holocaust - the systematic annihilation of six million Jews - is a history of enduring horror and sorrow. The charred skeletons, the diabolic experiments, the death camps, the mass graves, the smoke from the chimneys ... In 1933 nine million Jews lived in the 21 countries of Europe that would be occupied by Germany during the war. By 1945 two out of every three European Jews had been killed by the Nazis. 1.5 million children were murdered. This figure includes more than 1.2 million Jewish children, tens of thousands of Gypsy children and thousands of handicapped children.

Yet there were acts of courage and human decency during the Holocaust - stories to bear witness to goodness, love and compassion. This is the story of an incredible woman and her amazing gift to mankind. Irena Sendler. An unfamiliar name to most people, but this remarkable woman defied the Nazis and saved 2,500 Jewish children by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto. As a health worker, she sneaked the children out between 1942 and 1943 to safe hiding places and found non-Jewish families to adopt them. For many years Irena Sendler - white-haired, gentle and courageous - was living a modest existence in her Warsaw apartment. This unsung heroine passed away on Monday May 12th, 2008. Her achievement went largely unnoticed for many years. Then the story was uncovered by four young students at Uniontown High School, in Kansas, who were the winners of the 2000 Kansas state National History Day competition by writing a play Life in a Jar about the heroic actions of Irena Sendler. The girls - Elizabeth Cambers, Megan Stewart, Sabrina Coons and Janice Underwood - have since gained international recognition, along with their teacher, Norman Conard.

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ZOGBY: The Tea Party frightens me

Last weekend, when Washington was being hit by its worst-ever snow storm, the Tea Party Movement was holding its first national meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. I watched parts of the convention on television and became concerned by what I saw and heard.

After reviewing two sets of national polls, released this Friday, my concern was heightened. Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave the keynote address. While some media pundits dismiss her, poking fun at her lack of knowledge and verbal gaffes, I believe she must be taken seriously. She is a dangerous populist, who delights her following with crude appeals to patriotism, anger at Washington, resentment at all things "foreign" and her penchant for ridiculing, as "out of touch elites," a wide array of opponents.

She may not know history or geography, but to her enthralled base she speaks the truth. Palin has touched the exposed nerve of anger and alienation of some elements of the white middle class. And, in this context, attacks against her only serve to reinforce her supporters' feelings of being aggrieved.

Former Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Tom Tancredo also addressed the convention. Some will recall the splash he created a few years back when he advocated bombing the holy places in Mecca and Medina if the US were attacked again by terrorists.

Giving the meeting's opening address, he was in prime form accusing President Obama "and his left wing allies" of "looking at every opportunity to destroy the Constitution before we have a chance to save it" and telling the cheering crowd that "this is our country", urging them "to take it back". In one especially disturbing passage, Tancredo played his anti-immigrant, anti-foreign card, charging that "people who could not even spell the word 'vote' or say it in English put a committed socialist ideologue in the White house. His name is Barack Hussein Obama".

It may make some feel better to dismiss all this as the bizarre rantings of a disgruntled minority. I think not. The polls show the strength of this current within the Republican Party. While only 35 per cent of Republicans consider themselves supporters of the Tea Party Movement, 60pc agree with its views. And more than one-half of all Republicans believe the group will make their party stronger.

They may be a minority, but they are angry, feel threatened, and have demonstrated their ability to organise their anger into a disruptive and, at times, violent force - as they did last summer in breaking up healthcare reform Town Hall meetings across the US. And despite being a minority, they have a "star" in Palin and strong media voices like Rush Limbaugh, Fox TV's Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity. With the Republican Party rudderless, at the moment, this current has become the de facto leadership of the opposition to the White House. The Tea Party's danger, then, is not so much that it will become the majority, but that it will continue to intimidate more moderate voices in the Republican Party.

This is not a new phenomenon. Such movements frequently arise in periods of social dislocation and economic distress. They prey on the fears of the middle class with appeals to patriotism, and warnings against elites and foreigners - creating in the minds of their supporters a life/death struggle of "us" versus "them". Appeals to anger using chauvinism, xenophobia and racism are their trademarks.

We've seen similar efforts rise up in recent times with Jšrg Haider in Austria, Jean-Marie Le Pen in France and Nick Griffin in the UK - and it has now come to America. So excuse me if I don't join those who dismiss Palin or her Tea Party crowd or take consolation in the polls showing that 71pc of Americans feel she is not qualified to be president. I'm frightened by the 26pc who think she is qualified (including 42pc of all Republicans).

The crowds that cheer her on or respond with delight to Tancredo's bigoted remarks shouldn't be dismissed. They are reason to be concerned, very concerned.

Retired admiral-senator sees 'death of U.S.'

QUANTICO, Va. – Retired Admiral and former U.S. Sen. Jeremiah Denton had some tough words in the mess hall of the National Museum of the Marine Corps, packed with fellow servicemen, including some who spent time with him as a prisoner of war in the Hanoi Hilton. In an emotional speech last night about his newly updated classic work, "When Hell Was in Session," Denton said he feared the imminent death of the United States of America due to immorality, lack of patriotism and lack of appreciation for the unique form of government bestowed by the country's founders. "When Hell Was in Session" was first released in 1976 after Denton's return from Vietnam where he was held as a prisoner of war for seven years and seven months – much of that time in solitary confinement and enduring torture. The book was re-released in 2009 – updated with Denton's recollections of what happened upon his return to America, his election to the U.S. Senate and the role he played with Ronald Reagan in ending the Cold War. Denton, a devout Christian, used his time to exhort his fellow servicemen to rally behind moral issues including bringing abortion to an end and fighting against homosexual marriage. He also criticized the current administration and what he sees as a lack of patriotism on the president's part.


Charlie Wilson- Soviet Killer!

Charlie Wilson did not, as the eponymous movie would have it, singlehandedly force the U.S. government to aid the Afghan Mujaheddin in killing Commies and liberating their country from the Soviet grip. Ronald Reagan and Bill Casey, and a large handful of congressmen and senators, dedicated staffers, and a few good people in the national-security apparatus all had a hand. But Wilson did pull strings and push buttons, at the right time, and make important things happen, while imbuing the cause with raffish Texan charm. And, most important, he pushed back hard against the permanent bureaucracy at the CIA that had chosen the wrong guys to back, and the wrong way to back them.

I only met Charlie Wilson once. It was the late fall of 1988, and he had come for a small event at a camp near the Khyber Pass. This was shortly before the Soviets were to leave Afghanistan, and the small, far from impartial expat press corps was unhappy that the USG had not provided appropriate arms to the Mujaheddin, who were going to have to conduct a more regular, less guerilla-like effort shortly. Wilson had been pushing to give them that weapon — the Oerlikon field cannon — for years.

So, there was a ceremony for him. A couple of hundred Muj were assembled, including party leaders who wished to honor a man they knew was their benefactor. Pakistani ISI minders were there to monitor things. The consul general was there to report back what the rogue congressman might say. There was a speech. But what I recall most vividly is what happened when Wilson’s girlfriend, a Miss Texas, got out of the bulletproof Toyota Pajero. Miss Texas towered above the average Afghan refugee. She had long, light-colored hair, and she was wearing a snug pink angora sweater, which showed her curves to devastating effect, there in the land of the burqa. Local American officials rolled their eyes. Journalists snickered. And then a “security situation” ensued as a wave of repressed Afghan men surged forward to touch this American goddess. Wilson was amused.

When things calmed down, he got up to speak. He promised the assembled Muj the anti-aircraft guns they needed, to thunderous shouts of “Zindebad [long live] America!” “Zindebad Charlie Wilson.”

The guns didn’t arrive any time soon.

Charlie Wilson was one man, who, for complicated reasons, fell in love with the Afghans, and devoted himself to forcing spineless American bureaucrats to take a stand in the final battle of the Cold War. He made a real difference. But, ultimately, he couldn’t beat the cautious Agency men who were happy with half measures. And that is why we are back in Afghanistan now.


Report: Iran disrupting satellite transmissions

Several international networks have said that Iran is disrupting their Farsi-language satellite transmissions, Israel Radio reported Friday.

BBC Radio, The Voice of America and the German network Deutsche Welle defined the interference as electronic disturbances from Iran.

The report said that the regime began to disrupt the transmissions on Thursday with the beginning of celebrations on the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

The Islamic nation has also been blocking GMail since Thursday.

Declining U.S. Navy facing Chinese challenge

A growing Chinese fleet could keep the declining U.S. Navy out of the Western Pacific, according to an expert cited in a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

The U.S. also could be faced with new military challenges around the globe because of the projection of power a growing Chinese navy would present.

Yet, the U.S. Navy has cut back the number and type of ships to the level it was prior to the Reagan administration. Indeed, the Navy hasn't been as small since the administration of William Howard Taft, according to naval expert Seth Cropsey.  MORE>>>>>>>>

The Occult Symbolism of Sherlock Holmes

The latest Hollywood blockbuster Sherlock Holmes revolves around occult murders and world conspiracies. The movie is riddled with occult symbols and allusions to a “New Order”. We’ll look at the history of Sherlock Holmes, the origins of the symbols found within the movie and its meaning in today’s  context.

Inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, the movie Sherlock Holmes brings back to life the famous detective of the nineteen century. The plot revolves around murders that are apparently connected with occult rituals. This leads Sherlock into the mysterious world of secret societies and political conspiracies. Doyle’s works contained some vague references to occultism or Freemasonry; the movie, however, focuses solely around those themes and incorporates elements that are very relevant in today’s context: a New World Order lead by secret societies.

Although no real life secret society are actually mentioned, numerous symbols and references are peppered throughout the movie taken directly from Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism or the Illuminati. Cleverly embedded into the scenes and never really explained, those symbols can almost be considered hints to insiders concerning the real inspirations of the movie. Let’s look at the Masonic background of the original author of Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle, and how this influence has been taken to the “next level” in the movie.

Arthur Conan Doyle “Spiritualist and Freemason”

Doyle was born into an Irish Catholic family in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1859. At age eleven, he was sent to a Jesuit school, Stonyhurst College,  in which he was said to have spent “five unhappy and lonely years”. After obtaining his Bachelor of Medicine and Master of Surgery from Edinburgh University, Doyle developed a great interest for spiritualism . In an article appeared in MQ (the official Journal of the United Grand Lodge of England), Freemason Yasha Beresiner explains Conan Doyle’s interest for spiritualism and Masonry:  read more>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Obama Admin wants to track cellphones; 'No reasonable expectation of privacy'...


Two years ago, when the FBI was stymied by a band of armed robbers known as the "Scarecrow Bandits" that had robbed more than 20 Texas banks, it came up with a novel method of locating the thieves.

FBI agents obtained logs from mobile phone companies corresponding to what their cellular towers had recorded at the time of a dozen different bank robberies in the Dallas area. The voluminous records showed that two phones had made calls around the time of all 12 heists, and that those phones belonged to men named Tony Hewitt and Corey Duffey. A jury eventually convicted the duo of multiple bank robbery and weapons charges.

Even though police are tapping into the locations of mobile phones thousands of times a year, the legal ground rules remain unclear, and federal privacy laws written a generation ago are ambiguous at best. On Friday, the first federal appeals court to consider the topic will hear oral arguments (PDF) in a case that could establish new standards for locating wireless devices.

In that case, the Obama administration has argued that warrantless tracking is permitted because Americans enjoy no "reasonable expectation of privacy" in their--or at least their cell phones'--whereabouts. U.S. Department of Justice lawyers say that "a customer's Fourth Amendment rights are not violated when the phone company reveals to the government its own records" that show where a mobile device placed and received calls.

Those claims have alarmed the ACLU and other civil liberties groups, which have opposed the Justice Department's request and plan to tell the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia that Americans' privacy deserves more protection and judicial oversight than what the administration has proposed.  read more>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Google to build ultra-fast broadband networks

Google Inc. plans to build a handful of experimental, ultra-fast broadband networks around the country to connect consumers to the Internet and ensure that tomorrow's systems can keep up with online video and other advanced applications that the search company will want to deliver.The Google project, announced Wednesday, is also intended to provide a platform for outside developers to create and try out all sorts of cutting-edge applications that will require far more bandwidth than today's networks offer.  more

The Mufti's Role in the Holocaust

By: Pamela Geller

The original blueprints for the Auschwitz death camp went on display in late January after being discovered in November 2008.

They were found by chance behind a wall in a Berlin apartment during renovation work, yet the exact location of their discovery is being kept secret. No one will say whose apartment it was.

There are numerous bits of evidence, however, that point to a possible location where Hajj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, lived during World War II. And in the course of investigating this, I have found that the Mufti was involved in and may even have created the Final Solution for European Jews — and yet his central participation in the Holocaust has been covered up and forgotten.

The Mufti, whom his nephew Yasser Arafat called “our hero,” is famous for his fanatical Jew-hatred. During World War II, the Mufti lived in Berlin, where he met Hitler and traveled in top Nazi circles (he even lived in Hitler’s bunker toward the end of the war). Among his close friends was Adolf Eichmann, who is commonly thought to be the architect of the Holocaust.  Read More>>>>>>>

The Four Horsemen of the Obamacalypse

 [Daniel Foster]

There is a great deal of back-and-forth in the blogosphere today on the subject of a Financial Times piece (subscription required) that lays the blame for Obama's floundering first year in office on an advisory staff geared for campaigning, not governing.

Based on extensive anonymous interviews with people around the Obama White House, the Financial Times's Edward Luce paints a picture of an administration run almost entirely from within the president's political machine — with campaign-managers-turned-advisers David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and Robert Gibbs, along with Chicagoan legislative tactician Rahm Emanuel, in the room for every major decision.

Many of Obama's highest-profile cabinet members are, by contrast, largely disconnected from both policy creation and messaging decisions:  More>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Congressional proposals could penalize couples $10,000 for saying 'I do'

Bills pending in Congress that would nationalize health care

by setting up mandatory insurance purchases and fines for not complying could penalize married couples $10,000 annually and are a direct attack on marriage, families and the church because of their discriminatory provisions, according to a congressional candidate.

"This is as awful, I will say evil ... this is as evil as it gets," Allen Quist, who is running to unseat Democrat Tim Walz in Minnesota's 1st congressional district, told WND.

Quist said the fine print of provisions still alive in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives deliberately create enormous pressure for couples to live together without marriage – or even get divorced – by charging married couples thousands of dollars more in premiums and fees.

"And it's deliberate," Quist added, "This is clearly not accidental."

"This is the most insidious attack on our country we have ever seen," Quist said earlier this week in an interview with David Barton of

"In fact you have government policies tearing apart marriage," he said. "Marriage is the foundation of society. It's the foundation of our government and to a large degree the basic unit in the church. [The policy] undermines the church's teaching and undermines church structure.

"It weakens the family. It weakens the church, and it weakens our country," he said. MORE>>>>>>>>>>