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TV SHOW "MADHOUSE" Brings local racing to the unwashed masses!

Most of the country has never experienced local racing, especially of the caliber of what goes on at Bowman Gray every Saturday night in the summer. Come to think about it, most of those that go to local racing haven't truly experienced local racing on the scale of Bowman Gray either! The show, packed full of spectacle and action, is making "Madhouse" a hit everywhere, including on our sister site RaceRap  where well over 10,000 people have read the messages about the program. Here is a dose of newspaper coverage:

Welcome to the Madhouse: The boys of Bowman Gray gear up for the debut of History Channel's look at their racing and rivalries

Published: January 9, 2010

The stock-car racing stars of Bowman Gray Stadium, who endured video crews throughout their 2009 season, will become national television stars on Sunday night.

The 13-week series Madhouse will begin at 10 p.m. on the History channel (Time Warner Cable Channel 51).  MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Flemings to star in "Madhouse"

by Ed Phillipps
From left, Luke, Chris and Jordan Fleming in Chris garage.
From left, Luke, Chris and Jordan Fleming in Chris' garage.
As Chris Fleming’s phone buzzes with the anticipation of curious friends and family members, he can’t tell anyone anything about The History Channel’s “Madhouse” not because he has been sworn to secrecy, but because he hasn’t been granted any special privileges to the footage — even though he is one of the show’s stars.

Chris Fleming and his sons Luke, 22, and Jordan, 17, will be featured in the show that filmed over this past season at Bowman Gray Stadium. However, they have yet to see anything more than what the History Channel has released to the public.  MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Make Some NOISE: Tell Us What You Thought Of Madhouse On The History Channel

The calendar has flipped to 2010 so its time for a new feature you'll be seeing more of this year on the blog.

Burt Myers Madhouse.jpgIt's time for you the reader to tell the story here. Time for you to make some noise. And if you read this and don't tell us what you think of Madhouse, well, we're going to come to your house and steal all the bulbs out of your lights.

We'll throw out a topic or question here on occasion and we'll let the battle rage on from there. And we'll give you a little bit of head start here on the first topic.

Tonight the History Channel premieres its new reality racing show called a Madhouse, which showcases a season in the life of five Modified drivers at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, N.C.

So after catching the first show tell us what you think of it. I threw my thoughts on the show out last week, now we want to hear yours.

Good for short track racing? Too much focus on aggression? Bad for short tracking? Spit it all out, make some noise.

(Photo credit: History/Kelly Marcom)