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Poll shows Muslim prejudice

A messianic Jewish leader isn't surprised that a recent Gallup survey shows Americans are more than twice as likely to express "prejudice" against Muslims than against Christians, Jews, or Buddhists.

The analysis from the Gallup World Religion Survey is part of a project on finding ways to increase understanding between Americans and Muslims. It reveals that nearly two-thirds of Americans say they have little or no knowledge of Islam. Still, a majority dislike the faith.
Just over half of Americans polled said they feel no prejudice against Muslims; however, 43 percent acknowledged at least "a little" prejudice against Muslims, making a significantly higher percentage than that of the other faiths in the survey.
Jan MarkellJan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries, says no one should be surprised by this poll.
"How else are Americans supposed to act when political correctness let an Army major at Fort Hood go and shoot up and kill or wound dozens of American military personnel?" she wonders, also making mention of "the Christmas bomber who tried to blow up Northwest Flight 253."

From the poll results, Markell finds reason to believe that Americans want to hold a different image of Muslims. "Until we start seeing them marching in our parades, waving a flag; until Americans see Muslims start physically demonstrating a love for this country, how can Americans be anything but suspicious?" she asks. 
The Olive Tree Mistries founder feels that Muslims must stop allowing groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations to be the spokesmen for their religion.