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Specter tells Bachmann to "act like a lady"

The deeply odd couple of Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Penn.) and Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) appeared together on a Philly radio station yesterday -- and things got ugly in short order.

Audio link. courtesy RCP.

The exchange, broadcast on 1210 AM's Dom Giordano Show [but not archived on the station's site], began when Specter challenged Bachmann to articulate what, exactly, she stands for, according to a readout on the clash published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's lively Early Returns blog.

Bachmann first laid out her agenda -- cutting taxes and killing President Obama's health reform bill -- at considerable length.

When Specter tried to counter, Bachmann, darling of the Tea Party movement, kept on talking, which didn't sit well with the one-time Philadelphia DA, who is a stickler for politeness and protocol.

"I'm going to treat you like a lady," Mr. Specter shot back. "Now act like one."

Ms. Bachmann replied, "I am a lady."

Things went on along this line for a while -- with Specter later asking Bachmann to "act like a lady," according to the PPG's Daniel Malloy.

Bachmann is hardly a beloved figure in Democratic circles. But how many liberal women, whom Specter badly needs to defeat front-running Paul Toomey, would appreciate being told to "act like a lady" by a male debate partner?

She alone.... Then A Good Samaritan Steps in

Times are tough for flyers—not only are baggage fees rising as the economy continues to struggle, but recent events have caused an increase in airport security, adding delays and a heightened sense of fear to a long list of passenger headaches. There's no question that all of this adds up to a stressful experience, making airports a breeding ground for bad behavior, but some are managing to see past the annoyances, to connect with others through random acts of kindness.

A recent Chicago Tribune article shone a spotlight on airport altruism, when a shiny-shoed stranger lent a hand to a stranded, and exhausted, woman.

December 30th was one of the worst days of Elsie Clark's life, until she met Dean Germeyer.

The 79-year-old Canadian grandmother was on her way home to Winnipeg, Manitoba when she missed her flight out of Dallas-Forth Worth after an airport employee left her at the wrong terminal for hours. Clark, who has a bad hip that leaves her wheelchair-bound when traveling, was put on another flight, connecting in Chicago, which was then delayed due to bad weather.

While Clark, who was visibly shaken, waited to takeoff, she worried about what was going to happen if she missed her flight out of Chicago. After contemplating having to spend the night on an airport bench due to her fixed income, she decided to strike up a conversation with a man seated nearby.

"I wanted to talk to somebody to get my mind off things for a little while," Clark told the Chicago Tribune on January 6th. "So, I said, 'Sir, do you mind telling me what you do because I've always admired shiny shoes.' "

Germeyer, who runs a technology consulting group in Chicago, was more than happy to oblige. Their conversation grew, and while Clark told him about her life, Germeyer began to think about what he could do to help.

"There was a connection between Elsie and myself," Germeyer told the Chicago Tribune. "She wasn't asking for anything at all."

Germeyer sprang into action, arranging for a flight attendant to meet Clark with a wheelchair upon their arrival in Chicago, hoping to get her to her next flight on time. After exiting the plane, Germeyer rushed her to her gate but it was too late. The airline gave Clark a voucher for a nearby hotel room but Germeyer didn't think it was enough.

Aggravated by the situation, Germeyer decided to take matters into his own hands. He called his wife to arrange an extra place setting at the dinner table, and brought Clark home. After dinner, he took Clark on a brief city tour, put her up in a hotel suite just off Michigan Avenue, and arranged for a car to take her back to the airport the next day.

"He even gave me a new toothbrush and toothpaste," Clark told the Chicago Tribune. "I just sat down when I got to the hotel and I cried and cried and cried. Everything he did for me was just so beautiful."

Watch them share their ordeal here.

Small acts of kindness are incredibly meaningful—especially in the airport, where tensions tend to run high. While Germeyer's actions went above and beyond, his act of altruism is not an isolated incident.

Perhaps those who know the power behind small kindnesses best are airport chaplains. Over 30 airports across the United States have chaplains on-site, helping passengers cope with everything from a deceased loved one to lost luggage.

Good-samaritan-300lvg012010 We spoke with D.D. Hayes, a chaplain at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport in Texas, in October for our article "Angels at the Airport". Hayes illustrated the numerous ways he helps others, and how he impacts people who are least expecting it.

Hayes described comforting and supporting a woman who lost both her husband and son in the same day. He also told us how he helped a struggling actress from California, letting her use the chaplaincy to film an audition tape for a movie after she missed her flight.

"So my day can go from consoling someone who suffered a tremendous loss, to helping an actress get a part in a movie," Hayes said. "I haven’t found out yet if she got the part. I’m praying for her.”

Does Google Have CIA Ties?

Robert David Steele a former clandestine services case officer for the Central Intelligence Agency says Google and the CIA are “in bed” with one another. He made the remarks on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones radio show.

Steele stated “I think that Google has made a very important strategic mistake in dealing with the secret elements of the U.S. government - that is a huge mistake and I’m hoping they’ll work their way out of it and basically cut that relationship off “.  Steele says he has confirmed this information with his contacts within the agency. The question this raises is who is controlling information that may be seen as controversial?  Is censorship-taking place and how would one go about proving that censorship has taken place?

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Boy killed in sled accident had Bible verse in his boot

The death of a Pottstown boy who was carrying a Bible passage when he was involved in a sledding mishap this weekend in Coudersport, Pa., was a "tragic accident," the Potter County coroner ruled yesterday.

Coroner Kevin J. Dusenbury Sr. said Ian Joshua Miller, 12, died after his plastic saucer-shaped sled plowed into a ski lift tower at Ski Denton at 11:05 p.m. Friday.

The boy - a member of Boy Scout Troop 95, hosted by Cedarville United Methodist Church in North Coventry, Chester County - was pronounced dead at Charles Cole Memorial Hospital in Coudersport, three hours from Montgomery County, Dusenbury said.

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Turkey releases gunman who shot pope in 1981

Reporting from London - After nearly 30 years behind bars, the Turkish man who tried to assassinate Pope John Paul II walked out of a prison a free man Monday and promptly predicted the end of the world.

Now a gray-haired 51-year-old, Mehmet Ali Agca declared himself the "Christ eternal" and prophesied that humanity would be wiped out this century, in a statement passed out to a scrum of television cameras and waiting reporters in Ankara, the Turkish capital.  Read More>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Take the 'Crony' Out of 'Crony Capitalism'

By John Stossel

When Judge Richard Posner, the prolific conservative intellectual, released his book "A Failure of Capitalism: The Crisis of '08 and the Descent Into Depression" last year, you might have thought the final verdict was in: Capitalism caused the economic downturn and high unemployment.

That this verdict was pronounced by someone like Posner, who is associated with the University of Chicago and the free-market law and economics movement, gave moral support to all the politicians who were intent on exploiting the recession (as they exploit all crises) to increase government control of the economy.  MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Who Owns the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Jordan has demanded that Israel hand over some of the famous Dead Sea Scrolls. The kingdom claims Israel seized the scrolls illegally from a museum in East Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in 1967.

"Israel seized the scrolls and other antiquities from the Palestinian Museum, which was managed by Jordan in east Jerusalem when it occupied this part of the city in 1967," said Rafea Harahsheh of Jordan's antiquities department.

The scrolls were discovered by a Bedouin shepherd in 1947. The famous parchments number 900 documents and biblical texts belonging to the Essenes, a breakaway Jewish sect that lived in the craggy hills above the Dead Sea where the scrolls were discovered.  MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Erasing Ezekiel's Jewish identity

For centuries Jews, Christians and Muslims came to Al-Kifl, a small town south of Baghdad, to visit the tomb of the Prophet Ezekiel and pray.

The site of Ezekiel's tomb in...

The site of Ezekiel's tomb in Iraq

The distinctive Jewish character of the Al-Kifl shrine, namely the Hebrew inscriptions and the Torah Ark, never bothered the gentile worshipers. In the 14th century a minaret was built next to the shrine, but the interior design remained Jewish. The vast majority of Iraq's Jewish community left some 60 years ago, but Shi'ites took good care of the holy site.

Until now.

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Is A Covert War Brewing Between The U.S. And China?

In an extremely intriguing development today Google threatened to close down its China operations after unearthing a highly sophisticated attack aimed at accessing gmail accounts of Chinese human-rights activists. According to Google the attacks originated in China and included accounts of U.S. and E.U. based activists. Google made the announcement today in its blog-post titled "A New Approach to China". In mid-December, we detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google.

This attack was not just on Google. As part of our investigation we have discovered that at least twenty other large companies from a wide range of businesses--including the Internet, finance, technology, media and chemical sectors--have been similarly targeted. We are currently in the process of notifying those companies, and we are also working with the relevant U.S. authorities. By labeling these attacks as "highly sophisticated" Google is essentially pointing a finger at the Chinese government/intelligence agencies.

That the cyber attack has been elevated to a U.S. national security threat level, is evidenced by the State Department's involvement, and a statement by Secretary Hillary Clinton in which she asked Beijing to respond to Google's allegations. A report in the Telegraph offered further details: The State department said that Mrs Clinton had met with executives from Google and Microsoft, as well as with Cisco Systems, which provides much of China's internet infrastructure, to discuss how to stop countries from "stifling" access to information. Most interestingly, the Telegraph went on to point out that: Next week the US is to launch a new technology policy to help citizens in other countries to gain access to an uncensored internet.

Returning to Google's announcement, Google's blog outlined the reasons why Google has decided to potentially pull out of China completely: "We have taken the unusual step of sharing information about these attacks with a broad audience not just because of the security and human rights implications of what we have unearthed, but also because this information goes to the heart of a much bigger global debate about freedom of speech.

"We launched in January 2006 in the belief that the benefits of increased access to information for people in China and a more open Internet outweighed our discomfort in agreeing to censor some results. At the time we made clear that "we will carefully monitor conditions in China. These attacks and the surveillance they have uncovered--combined with the attempts over the past year to further limit free speech on the web--have led us to conclude that we should review the feasibility of our business operations in China. We have decided we are no longer willing to continue censoring our results on, and so over the next few weeks we will be discussing with the Chinese government the basis on which we could operate an unfiltered search engine within the law, if at all. We recognize that this may well mean having to shut down, and potentially our offices in China.

We do not doubt the veracity of Google's claims. Cyber warfare is the covert game nations play, and these attacks are nothing new. Several U.S. military and scientific institutions such as NASA - with far more sensitive national security information have been the target of hacking from China. In November 2008, a bipartisan U.S. Commission to analyze economic and national security relationship with China concluded that, "China has stepped up its capacity to penetrate U.S. computer networks to extract sensitive government and private information". However, what we question is the following:Why is Google threatening to close operations at this juncture - i.e. four years after they entered China knowing full well that they will have to censor information to comply with Chinese government regulations.

In 2006, Google seemed to completely disregard the human rights and freedom of speech considerations arguing that "the benefits of providing increased access to information to Chinese citizens outweighed the discomfort of censorship". Then why the sudden about face and embracing of altruistic values such as "freedom of speech" now?

If the U.S. Government has not stopped doing business with China, despite its Communist status, countless cyber attacks, stealing of state secrets, human rights abuses and lack of freedom of speech and democracy, then why the about face by Google? The link between the Chinese Government's (implied involvement but not explicitly stated by Google) hacking of gmail servers to extract dissident information and Google closing its entire operation in China (search engine and cell phones running on Android) is tenuous and illogical at best. While the attacks are no doubt serious, we wonder if they are serious "enough" for a company like Google to forsake the world's largest internet subscriber market. So far Google has not had much success in China's internet search market having captured only 1/3 market share.

Its chief competitor controls the remaining 2/3. In addition by pulling out of China Google does not stand to lose too much, as pointed out by Bloomberg: "A pullout would deprive Google of an estimated $600 million in annual revenue [out of total revenues of $24 billion, thus a very small percentage] and may help domestic Baidu extend its lead in the world¡¯s largest online market. ¡°There¡¯s no other competitor, so if Google pulls out, Baidu is left by itself,¡± said Erwin Sanft, an analyst at BNP Paribas SA in Hong Kong". Now Google has to have factored in the scenario that the Chinese government calls its bluff and asks them to "leave". It is highly unlikely that the Chinese government will acquiesce to allowing Google to operate an unfiltered search engine, especially when Baidu, a domestic Chinese player (that the government can control), holds a 2/3 market share. In the current shaky economic scenario the Chinese government will try its level best to keep a lid on citizen's dissent.

To do this it has unfortunately resorted to severe censorship of the Internet banning services such as facebook, twitter and youtube. Even so, the Chinese government is not illogical in this endeavor - it is well aware of covert campaigns launched by the U.S. government via facebook and twitter in Iran to help overthrow the Iranian government. China is not about to let the U.S. push the same fate on its own government. So in our opinion, what all this posturing boils down to, is the fact that a new and dangerous war-front has opened up - one between the U.S. and China. Currently the war is economic, political and covert in nature. The U.S. government knows that the nations fiscal situation is abysmal and that China holds the trump card over its fate by being its largest creditor. In addition faced with rampant joblessness, a weakened U.S. consumer is more dependent that ever, on cheap goods manufactured in China. While cheap Chinese imports allow the Fed to keep a lid on domestic inflation, they do not alleviate rampant U.S. unemployment. Protectionist pressures are growing on a desperate U.S. government struggling to fix the unemployment situation. This tussle has led to the imposition of trade sanctions against Chinese companies on non-strategic sectors like certain steel and tire imports. To top this situation neo-con hawks in the U.S. government and military accustomed to the nation being the world's sole super power, fear the rapid rise of China. They fear the global domination of a Communist nation and this in turn has led to naval and airspace incursions into Chinese territory by the U.S. military, as well as the geo-political blockages by the U.S. to severe Chinese access to the world's mineral and oil resources.

The current crisis in the Middle East an oil rich region is a direct result of this strategy. As the economic situation deteriorates, these tensions are only going to escalate. While the U.S. government is not going to start a military excursion with China anytime soon, strategy hawks know that one way to slow the rise of China and reduce its grip on America's economic collar is to create a suitable diversion for the Chinese government. The U.S. intelligence apparatus, which has several decades of experience staging coups and overthrowing democratically elected governments across the world, is now staging a similar policy with China.

China's non-democratic set-up and autocratic communist party rule is its Achilles heel in its rise as the world's leading economy. With China's economy deeply intertwined with declining U.S. consumption, huge swaths of its population who are employed in manufacturing and related sectors stand to lose their jobs. Couple this with the fact that there exists a complete lack of democracy, freedom and human rights in China. The Chinese government knows that young unemployed people, especially those whose rights have been suppressed, always make a deadly cocktail. It wants to avoid setting off this bomb at any cost. The Chinese government has unfortunately responded to this threat by clamping down on information provided via the internet. And this is the loophole the U.S. government is now trying to exploit in its pursuit to weaken China.

This explains the recent "freedom of speech" campaign launched by the U.S. to "educate" the Chinese people to revolt against their own government. Barack Obama fired the first salvo when he visited China last year where he told a town hall gathering that he was "a big supporter of non-censorship". He went on to state that "These freedoms of expression, and worship, of access to information and political participation - we believe they are universal rights. They should be available to all people, including ethnic and religious minorities, whether they are in the United States, China or any nation." Now the State Department along with Google (whose CEO Eric Schmidt is a huge supporter of Obama) have joined the "freedom of speech" chorus, which will only grow louder in the coming days.

We would like to point out to our reader that we do not support China's autocratic suppression of its people's freedoms. What we are merely trying to point out here is that there a deeper strategic (and frankly on some level inherently evil) rather than altruistic motive behind Google and President Obama's "freedom of speech and democracy" lecturing. If China is truly to try to become a global power it needs to willingly unleash democratic forces within its borders. The Chinese government would be safer doing this on their own terms rather than have their hand forced by American propaganda (at which point widespread civil unrest in China is a given). The Chinese people would do well to pay attention.

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Turkey and Russia on way to ‘strategic partnership’

Turkey and Russia will set up a high-level strategic cooperation working group Wednesday when Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pays a working visit to Moscow. Accompanied by five Cabinet members and a group of businessmen, the prime minister aims to boost bilateral relations, especially in the economic field

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IRS Commissioner Doesn’t File Own Taxes: Too Complex

IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman does not file his own taxes in part because he believes the tax code is complex. During an interview on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers” program that aired on Sunday, Shulman said he uses a tax preparer for his own returns.

“I’ve used one for years. I find it convenient. I find the tax code complex so I use a preparer,” Shulman said.

Pressed on how he would make the tax code simpler, Shulman responded, “I don’t write the tax laws. Congress writes the tax laws so that’s a whole different discussion.”

The IRS this month announced it will be scrutinizing the tax preparer industry. Shulman said the IRS is looking to set “a minimal level of competence in the preparer community.”

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Hey Obama, Who's Freddy?

Is it possible? Did we miss one? With all the Marxists dug out from the very public -- yet very opaque -- story of President Barack Obama's life, could there be room for one more, hiding in plain sight on page 24 of Dreams from My Father?  

A Japanese-American man who called himself Freddy and ran a small market near our house would save us the choicest cuts of aku for sashimi and give me rice candy with edible wrappers.

Who's Freddy? 

I nominate the late Wilfred Mitsuji Oka, former proprietor of the Corner Liquor Store in Honolulu's Chinatown.

Friends may protest that the late Mr. Oka went by "Mits," not Freddy -- but Obama disguised the names of many of the people depicted in his book. For instance, the "Frank" in Dreams from My Father is card-carrying Communist Party member Frank Marshall Davis, who mentored the young Obama in Honolulu for several years after Obama's return from Indonesia and until Obama left Hawaii to attend Occidental College in Los Angeles.

In addition to being "a Japanese-American man [who] ran a small market near [Obama's] house," Oka was sports editor of the Honolulu Record -- a weekly newspaper published by the ILWU (Longshoremen's Union) from 1948 to 1958. Frank Marshall Davis authored a column called "Frank-ly Speaking." The Record's editor was Communist ex-spy Koji Ariyoshi.

Ariyoshi, ILWU President Jack Hall, and five other Communists charged with Smith Act violations became known as the "Honolulu Seven"-- convicted in 1953 of advocating the overthrow of the United States government by force and violence. Mits Oka was identified, along with Davis, as a Communist, and he was among the "reluctant 39" -- individuals who refused to testify before April, 1950 House Un-American Activities Committee hearings on Communist influence in the ILWU in Hawaii. 

Charged with contempt of Congress, Mits Oka and the other reluctant witnesses were acquitted in January, 1951 -- but not before Oka's stance got him booted out of his position as Hawaii Democratic Party Central Committee Secretary and replaced by some guy named Dan Inouye.

The Honolulu Seven convictions were overturned in January 1958 after the U.S. Supreme Court's 1957 Yates decision recognized the legality of "advocacy and teaching of forcible overthrow as an abstract principle" and held that the Smith Act could prohibit only "advocacy and teaching of concrete action for the forcible overthrow of the Government." With its editor and his comrades safe, the Honolulu Record folded just six months later.  

Because the U.S. and Soviet Union were allies during WWII, Ariyoshi had been able to join U.S. military intelligence from Manzanar War Relocation Camp in 1942 as an open Communist. As an intelligence officer, Ariyoshi was assigned as U.S. liaison to Mao Zedong's forces in Yenan, China during 1944 and 1945. He worked personally with Mao, Chou En-lai, and other top Chinese Communists -- a story he recounts in his memoir, From Kona to Yenan

Immediately after the war, Ariyoshi worked in China and then New York City with accused "Amerasia" spy John S. Service and Ed Rohrbough -- who would become business manager of the Honolulu Record -- in an effort to steer U.S. policy towards the Reds and against the Nationalists. Rohrbough had edited a U.S. Office of War Information newspaper in Fukien, China during the war.

As advertised in the Record, the Corner Liquor Store was located at 1042 Bethel Street, at the corner of Hotel Street. Oka's store stayed at that address until plans arose to redevelop his block into the Chinatown Gateway Plaza apartment tower. But he didn't move far. In 1970, the Corner Liquor Store relocated to 1024 Nuuanu -- one block away from the Bethel location. In 1977 -- two years before Obama left Honolulu -- Oka would move around the corner to 15 N. King St. In addition to the business listing for the Corner Liquor Store, the Oahu telephone books each year carried personal telephone listings for Oka at his store's address.

All of these locations are about one and a half miles from the Punahou Circle apartment Obama shared with his grandparents Stanley and Madelyn Dunham at 1617 S Beretania St.

Now it gets interesting.

Still "too young to know that I needed a race," as he describes himself in Dreams, Obama was sent back from Indonesia in 1969 or '70. Gramps Stanley Dunham began a bizarre project which involved introducing Obama to Frank Marshall Davis and making secret visits to Chinatown's disreputable Smith Street bars -- located one block away from Oka's Corner Liquor Store. Obama describes the "excitement" of these visits in Dreams, page 77-78:

"Don't tell your grandmother," he would say with a wink, and we'd walk past hard-faced, soft-bodied streetwalkers into a small, dark bar with a jukebox and a couple of pool tables.  Nobody seemed to mind that Gramps was the only white man in the place, or that I was the only eleven-or twelve year old.  Some of the men leaning across the bar would wave at us, and the bartender, a big, light skinned woman with bare, fleshy arms, would bring a Scotch for Gramps and a Coke for me.  If nobody else was playing at the tables, Gramps would spot me a few balls and teach me the game, but usually I would sit at the bar, my legs dangling from the high stool, blowing bubbles into my drink and looking at the pornographic art on the walls -- the phosphorescent women on animal skins, the Disney characters in compromising positions.  If he was around, a man named Rodney with a wide-brimmed hat would stop by to say hello. ..."

Frank Marshall Davis too, described adventures on Smith Street at "The Green Goose," a bar "operated by one of my friends." Group sex and voyeurism at the Green Goose fill two pages in his pseudonymous porno book, Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet), published just before Obama returned from Indonesia. 

Returning from Hawaii in 1948, Communist Party leader Paul Robeson encouraged Frank and his then-wife Helen Davis to relocate from Chicago. Historian John Tidwell writes in Davis's memoir, Livin' the Blues:

For [Robeson,] Hawaii contained a veritable "lesson in racial matters to be learned[,]" one that could "speed democracy in the United States," if Hawaii were to be admitted to the Union as a state."

In his Honolulu Record columns, Davis worked to convince anybody who would listen that hapa Hawaii really was a segregated society. He derided Hawaii's black "racial exiles" who escaped the mainland and were able to forget about race while achieving personal success. 

The Communist ex-spy Ariyoshi died of cancer in 1976 after helping found the U.H. Manoa Ethnic Studies Department -- the source of the Akaka Bill and lesser efforts to divide Hawaii into dependent "communities" to be "organized" in order to utilize artificially created divisions as an excuse for Hawaiian political operators to grab power, land, and money.

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Obama received $20 million from healthcare industry in 2008 campaign

Almost three times the amount given to McCain.. Just Plain Ole Corruption

While some sunlight has been shed on the hefty sums shoveled into congressional campaign coffers in an effort to influence the Democrats' massive healthcare bill, little attention has been focused on the far larger sums received by President Barack Obama while he was a candidate in 2008.

A new figure, based on an exclusive analysis created for Raw Story by the Center for Responsive Politics, shows that President Obama received a staggering $20,175,303 from the healthcare industry during the 2008 election cycle, nearly three times the amount of his presidential rival John McCain. McCain took in $7,758,289, the Center found.  MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>

Goldman E-Mail Lays Bare Trading Conflicts

For years, Wall Street whispered that Goldman Sachs profited handsomely by trading ahead of — or even against — its own clients. On Tuesday, a Goldman executive made an unusual admission that, in some cases, the rumors were true, Andrew Ross Sorkin writes in The New York Times.

In an e-mail message to select clients, Thomas C. Mazarakis, the head of Goldman’s fundamental strategies group, acknowledged that his unit often provided investment ideas that the firm had already traded on. Sometimes Goldman has even taken the opposite approach, betting against particular instruments that the group has recommended.  MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Birthers, is Secret Service watching you?

Agents pay visits to those who question Obama's eligibility

Posted: January 12, 2010
10:08 pm Eastern

By Drew Zahn
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Secret Service agent (

In blogs

, interviews and e-mails, "birthers" around the country are reporting surveillance and visits from the U.S. Secret Service, whose agents have questioned – or, as some report, intimidated – them over their insistence that Barack Obama prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

As WND reported, Stephen Pidgeon, an attorney for Washington state plaintiffs challenging Obama's eligibility, grew suspicious in March when his wife and coworkers reported being shadowed by police and three, black SUVs.

"We are definitely under surveillance and it's coordinated with Homeland Security," Pidgeon alleged.

In November, Dale Laudenslager, a member of the American Grand Jury movement's attempt to have Obama indicted for fraud and even treason, reported on The JAG Hunter blog more direct confrontation: an unannounced home visit by a Pennsylvania state police officer and two Secret Service agents.

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OMG! Whole Foods' John Mackey is a CLIMATE DENIER!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the Left, it now turns out that John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, is a crazed ignorant Neanderthal who doesn't believe in sustainable development or climate change! Wails (which believes only in change in a liberal direction):

Whole Foods Market has long dominated the natural and organic food scene, and most liberals who shop there believe they're putting their money where their mouth is. But the grocery's CEO, John Mackey, has used the bully pulpit the store's success has provided to oppose first labor organizing, then health care reform, and now to deny human-caused climate change.

Mackey's Wall Street Journal op-ed eschewing health care reform made waves this summer, spurring protests and a Facebook group calling for a boycott. But now Mackey has gone a step further, telling the New Yorker that he thinks the science on climate change is still unsettled.

Mackey, a libertarian, echoes a familiar conservative talking point when says he worries that climate "hysteria" will lead the government "to raise taxes and increase regulation, and in turn lower our standard of living and lead to an increase in poverty." But he goes even further, hypothesizing that warm temperatures cause prosperity -- instead of, you know, the opposite.

How can someone who sells organic food have an independent mind and believe differently than the liberal conventional wisdom?  The horror!  It's time for a boycott!


Reversal! Americans win back Pearl Harbor Day

WND's coverage prompts U.S. calendar giants to finally include Dec. 7 event

Posted: January 12, 2010
7:00 pm Eastern

By Joe Kovacs
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

Dec. 7, 2010 marks the Islamic New Year, but not Pearl Harbor Day on all calendars produced by Blue Mountain Arts of Boulder, Colo. In the wake of WND's coverage, the company has decided to include Pearl Harbor Day in its calendars beginning in 2011. (WND photo / Joe Kovacs)

In the wake of WND's exclusive coverage revealing the absence of Pearl Harbor Day from American-made calendars, two major publishers are doing an "about face" and will now include the day of remembrance in its 2011 editions.

San Francisco-based BrownTrout Publishers, the largest calendar publisher in the world, tells WND it will now include Pearl Harbor Day starting with next year's publications.

"We have gone back into our files and added Pearl Harbor Day and never intended to offend anyone," said Wendover Brown, publisher of BrownTrout. "All other citations on the grids are being reviewed and revised. We never meant to offend with our products nor promote a political agenda."

Just hours before BrownTrout's announcement, a Colorado-based company indicated it also was adding the American event to its 2011 calendars.

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Negotiators ponder tax that angered unions

Health care negotiators are looking at options for easing a proposed health insurance tax that has angered organized labor, including the possibility of a new levy on the investment earnings of upper-income people.

The idea is to extend the Medicare payroll tax — which now applies only to income from wages — to cover some of the investment earnings of couples making more than $250,000 a year, and individuals earning above $200,000, a Democratic official said Tuesday. That would make up lost revenue from scaling back the insurance tax.  MORE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

TV SHOW "MADHOUSE" Brings local racing to the unwashed masses!

Most of the country has never experienced local racing, especially of the caliber of what goes on at Bowman Gray every Saturday night in the summer. Come to think about it, most of those that go to local racing haven't truly experienced local racing on the scale of Bowman Gray either! The show, packed full of spectacle and action, is making "Madhouse" a hit everywhere, including on our sister site RaceRap  where well over 10,000 people have read the messages about the program. Here is a dose of newspaper coverage:

Welcome to the Madhouse: The boys of Bowman Gray gear up for the debut of History Channel's look at their racing and rivalries

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Corruption in DC - Copenhagen Summit Turned Junket?

(CBS)  Few would argue with the U.S. having a presence at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. But wait until you hear what we found about how many in Congress got all-expense paid trips to Denmark on your dime.    CBS investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reports that cameras spotted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at the summit. She called the shots on who got to go. House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and embattled Chairman of the Tax Committee Charles Rangel were also there.

They were joined by 17 colleagues: Democrats: Waxman, Miller, Markey, Gordon, Levin, Blumenauer, DeGette, Inslee, Ryan, Butterfield, Cleaver, Giffords, and Republicans: Barton, Upton, Moore Capito, Sullivan, Blackburn and Sensenbrenner. MORE>>>>>>>>>>

Democrat assault on homeschoolers looming

The homeschool community is reacting with alarm to plans for a vote in the New Hampshire legislature as early as this week that could create restrictive new testing

and reporting requirements for homeschoolers in the state.

"Trying to sneak through massive changes in the New Hampshire homeschool law by manipulating the system is unacceptable. The Democratic leadership and the chairman of the education committee know that if they allowed an open process the overwhelming majority would vote [against the plan]," said Mike Donnelly, a staff attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The organization is the premiere group in the world working on behalf of homeschoolers. The proposal to create the new state requirements is being pushed by Democratic leaders in the legislature, even though its own task force recommended against such changes.  MORE>>>>>>>>>

EXCLUSIVE: Inside China's secret toxic unobtainium mine

Last week it was reported that China - which has a global monopoly on the production of rare-earth metals - is now threatening to cut off vital supplies to the West. A shortage would jeopardise the manufacturing and development of green technologies such as wind turbines and low-energy lightbulbs. RICHARD JONES is the first Western journalist to visit the rare-earth mines in Inner Mongolia to discover why China is unwilling to give up its precious elements...

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Do we have a right to know if candidates are gay?

Sandy RiosCongressman Mark Kirk, one of the Republican candidates for Senate to fill Barack Obama's seat, has been "outed" by one of his primary opponents. Chicago newspapers are rushing to condemn the accuser/candidate. So are Republican leaders in the state. They are appalled by the accusation and Congressman Kirk's campaign is declaring it "demeaning to the political process."

I don't remember any such outrage at the accusation of Governor Mark Sanford for alleged adultery. I seem to remember newsmen and cameras running to South America simply to confirm or deny. I don't remember outrage over Senator Larry Craig and his "outing" for bathroom flirtation, just more "investigating" to find the truth. The candidate who "outed" Kirk is the least credible of those in the primary. His record of outrageous claims makes it impossible to take him seriously much less believe what he says. But in this case, press and Republicans alike are rushing to pooh-pooh what, in spite of the weakness of the messenger, has been the topic of discussion in Washington and elsewhere for quite some time. So, where is the reporting? Where are the cameras? The gleaning of records? The follow-up on accusations?

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Sarah Palin rejects CPAC, accepts tea-party offer

In step with the title of her No. 1 best-seller "Going Rogue," former GOP vice-presidential candidate Gov. Sarah Palin is bypassing the traditional summit for conservatives this year, the Conservative Political Action Conference, while planning to speak at a tea party event.

Palin was not in attendance at the 2009 CPAC and now is not expected at the 2010 meetings in the nation's capital, Feb. 18-20. She initially was listed on the CPAC website as an invited guest.

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