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DAVOS-Head of Davos security-Markus Reinhardt- dead, police suspect suicide

While suicide appeared the most likely motive, no further details would be released while investigations continued......

The death of the World Economic Forum's chief of security, Markus Reinhardt, was confirmed Tuesday by the government of the Swiss canton of Grison. The police commander heading security at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland was found dead in his hotel and local authorities said  that his death appeared to be suicide. Police said in a statement on their website. "All indications point to a suicide," the statement said. WEF founder and executive founder Klaus Schwab said in a statement that the organisers appreciated Reinhardt's professionalism and kindness over years of co-operation. "The Security Forces continue to have our full confidence and trust in their work," the statement said. Reinhardt, 61, had headed the canton's police force since 1984

He was also known locally for a controversial case in which he authorised the shooting dead of a man who had taken refuge in his apartment after starting a shooting spree, injuring one officer.

Reinhardt was put on trial charged with murder in 2002, but was acquitted, Le Temps said.