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The Plain Truth Grows!!

By: Bob Barney

The Plain Truth has tripled readership now over the summer. A year ago the majority of our readers came from www.racerap.com , our sister site (stock car racing oriented); which is the 6th largest NASCAR racing website in the world with over 8 million hits per month. During the past four months, the trend for The Plain Truth has become one of readers coming from web searches rather than RaceRap.  Google and Yahoo lead all search engines, but we support neither! We use Atomz and Lejit. The other day, I received the Lijit weekly stats and it was very telling!


Top Searches that Brought Readers to Your Blog (max 25 shown) from LIJIT
    1.    anne wortham (339 times)
    2.    hydrogen barackside (239 times)
    3.    truth about h1n1 vaccine (326 times)
    4.    day of atonement for christians (316 times)
    5.    christian day of atonement (296 times)
    6.    aircraft carrier killer (216 times)
    7.    cdc isolation order (188 times)
    8.    china aircraft carrier (181 times)
    9.    tsunami video (172 times)
    10.    ncgs 130a-25 (116 times)
    11.    plaintruth.com (96 times)
    12.    ncgs 130a-145 (68 times)
    13.    theplaintruth.com (66 times)
    14.    hydrogen barackside cartoon (65 times)
    15.    theplaintruth (54 times)
    16.    ark of the covenant' about to be unveiled (51 times)
    17.    the plain truth (50 times)
    18.    emergency department wait times (35 times)
    19.    feast of tabernacles sukkot (25 times)
    20.    china aircraft carriers (11 times)
    21.    day of atonement (9 times)
    22.    how to keep the feast of tabernacles (5 times)
    23.    ucar racing (4 times)
    24.    carrier killer missile (4 times)
    25.    anne wortham letter (4 times)